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We’re back with our second 2014 year-end “Best of” compilation, this time focusing on all the AMAZING DIY Wedding & Lifestyle Tutorials that we featured this year. And obviously this post couldn’t even begin to be started without the insanely talented and hard-working woman who made them all possible, Jenn of Ribbons & Bluebirds. I had always dreamed of finding someone that would want to guest post on the blog in a longer-term fashion, I just never knew where to find her. I LOVE all things DIY and never wanted to drift away from DIY as a focus of my blog, but unfortunately I am neither crafty enough, talented enough, NOR do I have enough time/skill to create weekly DIY tutorials.

And then I found Jenn and I was INSTANTLY excited and awe-inspired by her ability to create amazing and beautiful things. She takes design to the next level and every week I am left thinking just how lucky I am that she is willing to share her work with me and all of you – the Capitol Romance readers. Ok, I think that is enough mushy stuff for now, let’s count down the Top 5 Best DIY Wedding Tutorials of 2014, all courtesy of Ribbons & Bluebirds of course!

#5. How to Make DIY Hand Holding Peg People Cake Toppers



#4. How to Make DIY Chalkboard Wedding Signs


#3. How to Make Water Color Paper Roses (not one of the craziest DIYs, but consistently, always one of our MOST pinned DIYs)


#2. How to Make Dinosaur Cake Toppers for Your Wedding Cake


And last, my favorite, #5. How to Make Your Own DIY Glitter High Heels


Did I miss any of your favorites?! Check out ALL our amazing DIY Wedding & Lifestyle Tutorials here.


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