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DIYing your wedding flowers is not a new idea. We’ve covered this topic a few places on Capitol Romance already (our ultimate guide to DIYing your wedding flowers, and a real bride’s first-hand perspective of DIYing her wedding flowers). We’ve also tackled our own take on making your own wedding floral bouquet AND making a DIY floral crown, but for today we have another DIY wedding bouquet take, broken down into just 6 easy steps!

Create a DIY Wedding Bouquet in Just Six Steps

Your wedding will feel so much more special holding something that you created on your own! Whether you are looking for a way to add a personalized touch to your bridal bouquet or want to get the bridal party together for a fun activity, create your own DIY wedding bouquet. In just six steps Zola walks you through the process of creating your own bouquet with floral arranging tips, styling advice and bouquet inspiration so you can create a bouquet perfect for you and your wedding!

What you’ll need:

    • Flower shears
    • Floral tape or wire
    • Ribbon
    • Flowers
    • Greenery

Once you have selected your flowers and greenery it is time to get started! Read the guide below to create that perfect wedding bouquet you have been dreaming of.

Step 1: When choosing flowers, keep in mind the season and what is representative of you as a bride. Make sure to incorporate lots of filler flowers and greenery to accompany your big blooms.

Step 2: With your floral shears or your hands, remove the foliage from your stems and flowers.

Step 3. Taking your filler flowers first, hold them into place with your hand. From there, arrange your flowers and greenery one by one. Incorporate greenery every so often and make sure to leave about 4 to 5 inches of exposed stems at the bottom.

Step 4. With floral wire or tape, secure your bouquet so that it does not fall apart. Wrap the the wire around the bouquet several times making sure to leave about 4 inches of step expose at the bottom.

Step 5. Decorate your bouquet with any wrapping of your choice. In this case, we used gray silk and white lace ribbon to accompany our design.

Step 6. Using your floral shears, cut the stems of the bouquet so that they are even. And then go enjoy your DIY bouquet!


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