Meet Angie, our Associate Coordinator with a big heart and energy to match! Since joining the team in 2022 Angie has thrived in bringing wedding visions to life, as you can tell from the reviews of many happy couples. I’ll let her take it from here so you can get to know Angie!
Our interview was lightly edited for clarify and length.

1. Tell us all about you! Where did you grow up and what brought you to DC?

I grew up the greatest city in the world: NYC. It’s hard to believe I’ve been in the DMV since 2010. I came to DC to begin my teaching career, I’ve always worked with the youngest students from ages 3-5. We are currently a family of 3 – soon to be 4. My husband and I welcomed our first daughter in 2021 and our second daughter will be joining the crew in April! We have a huge grumpy cat named Max and are in the process of adopting another kitty right now so our family just keeps growing.

2. How did you get into Wedding Coordination?

I found Capitol Romance through Instagram! I had been following Bree and her work for a few years and when she posted a story looking for new coordinators, I felt compelled to reach out. We had a wonderful chat over coffee and pastries and I was soon welcomed onto the team!

Being a CapRo wedding coordinator is a fun and refreshing way to use my organization and planning skills. I love meeting and getting to know new clients from all walks of life and helping them curate their special day to meet their unique personalities. It’s also a plus to get to explore new areas of the DMV as we add new venues to our repertoire.

3. Favorite detail you’ve seen at a wedding?

My favorite wedding details are always the personal touches from our couples. Last summer I was lucky enough to coordinate a gorgeous ceremony and brunch reception held in the brides’ own backyard. It was so intimate and special to host this event in their home. Another memorable detail occurred last Spring when the groom surprised the bride with an appearance from her favorite hockey mascot: Slapshot from the Washington Capitols! He got the entire crowd hyped and the dancing lasted all night!

4. Tell us about your own wedding (or wedding dreams):

My wedding was unlike anything I would have ever imagined it would be, yet it was still absolutely perfect. On March 20, 2021 my husband and I invited our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews to meet us at the National Mall. We said our vows in front of the Washington Monument while our 16 guests (and about 100 friends and family over Zoom) cheered us on. Then we got tapas for lunch at Bodega in Georgetown. The funniest part of the day was when my husband was trying to deliver his beautifully written vows but was interrupted not once but twice by protests on their way to the White House! The whole day was magical.

5. When you’re not coordinating weddings, you are…

When I’m not working a wedding you can find me fulfilling one of my other passions: teaching at a DC Public School, chasing my toddler around or sitting in a sunny spot enjoying a new book. The first few
activities keep me pretty busy but I do still try to sneak in some of that much needed quiet time.

6. What do you love about DC?

I love all of the quirky neighborhoods of DC. Each area of the city has its own unique personality and the beautifully diverse people make it that much more special. Whether you want to sip on Ethiopian coffee
on H street, walk around a farmer’s market in Eastern Market, get some pupusas in Mount Pleasant, catch a game at Nat’s Park, or take a moonlit walk by the water at the Wharf there’s something for everyone. I know I will call this area home for many more years to come.

7. Do you love Harry Potter more than Bree?

Bree might be the all-time reigning Harry Potter lover on our team but I do have a special place in my heart for the Potterverse. I chose my own wand at Ollivander’s a couple years ago and own 2
different sets of the books – I can’t wait to start using them as bedtime stories for my girls in the upcoming years. I have a plan to influence my kids to forfeit their 10th birthdays and have Harry Potter themed 9 3/4 years birthday parties instead but that is yet to be determined. I’ll keep everyone posted!

Thanks for sharing, Angie! We can’t wait for future Capitol Romance couples and DC-area vendors to get to know you in-person at more weddings this season. Glad to have you on the best wedding coordination team in DC, Capitol Romance!

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