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It’s Monday. I had my last wedding of 2016 (and it kicked my BUTT) and dragged Evie & Andy out at the crack of dawn yesterday for a family photoshoot (the things they do for me). I’m stuck in training for the day job in CHAN-FREAKING-TILLY all week. Oh and the Racist Cheeto is still our President-Elect … but let’s focus on the POSITIVE, shall we?

Today we are launching our 12 Days of Deals on the CapRoShop. A new deal, each day, for the next 12 days. We’re super behind on our Xmas shopping and thinking maybe you are too – so let us help your stress level out with some super deals (and super ideas) for your loved ones this Holiday Season!


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Wedding Inspiration with Berry Tones & Bold Colors


Images: Jessica Maida Photography

It’s December. It’s Friday. It’s my last wedding of 2016. I leave you with this gorgeous bold berry inspired wedding shoot. Have a great weekend Romancers!

raspberry-and-gold-wedding-inspiration-tattooed-bride5 raspberry-and-gold-wedding-inspiration-tattooed-bride7

Inspiration for this styled shoot started with the color scheme of rich, warm berry tones creating the palette of bold colors alongside an edgy bride/groom and glamorous linens. While this was a mini shoot detailing two different tablescape options we also carried the color through to our bride. She carried the gorgeous and deep, vibrant bouquet with and without flowing ribbons with a few subtle floral touches in hair.

raspberry-and-gold-wedding-inspiration-tattooed-bride2 raspberry-and-gold-wedding-inspiration-tattooed-bride8

The lush greens of the evergreens in the backdrop provided the additional layer of rich, organic hues for the season.The second tablescape option featured the same burst of colors but with a more contrasting effect with the light and white linens as a more winteresque backdrop. Sweet Fix provided the berry tarts as place holders for the our guests while some place settings boasted the calligraphy inspired glass menus by Lauren Perry Studio.

raspberry-and-gold-wedding-inspiration-tattooed-bride3 raspberry-and-gold-wedding-inspiration-tattooed-bride6

“My favorite detail from this shoot has to be the cake; the bold design has me head over heels,” said Event Designer and Planner Kerri Buster with Blush Events Planning.


Photographer: Jessica Maida Photography | Tuxedo and Mens Attire: 707 Fine Clothing | Beauty: Avenue 42 Style Studio | Event Planner: Blush Events | Linens and Coverings: Classic Party Rentals of VA | Floral Designer: Flowers Makes Scents | Calligrapher: Lauren Perry Studio | Dress Store: Sealed With A Kiss Bridal | Cake Designer: Sweet Fix | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Tarynn & Petar’s Lavender & Serbian Infused Wedding at Chantilly Country Club


Images: melbeephotography LLC

Country club weddings aren’t usually my thing, but when I saw a flower crown on BOTH the bride and the groom’s heads during the ceremony, I thought this one deserved a second look. Turns out it was full of really cool details, mostly surrounding the groom’s Serbian heritage. The family traveled from overseas to be with the newlyweds and the ceremony included Serbian touches like plum whiskey (I’ve had this before – it’s STRONG), a crowning ceremony, and readings that were translated into Serbian!

Check out the full wedding and some insight from the Bride on the blog today.



When we were planning our wedding, my husband and I knew we wanted to create a timeless feel with a number of personalized details to make the day extra special. We are still shocked by how amazing everything came together.

The lavender floral arrangements exceeded my expectations, the music was upbeat and had everyone on the dance floor, and the food was absolutely fantastic.




In addition, we were able to incorporate a number of Serbian traditions into our ceremony to reflect my husband’s culture and upbringing. We were so lucky to have family and friends that contributed their talents to our wedding.



Vol 10: The Real Life of a Mompreneur – No Time For Yourself


Being a small business owner doesn’t leave you much time for yourself – add a kid or two (or more) to this formula and the time for your self seems to shrink to almost nothing. Being a mompreneur, you have to make sacrifices, and while I knew time was going to be one of those sacrifices when Evie came into the world, I’ll admit that I wasn’t fully prepared for just how little time you have left for yourself.

“Me time” was not something I even thought about or considered before Evie – because without kids you can pretty much just do what you want, when you want (within reason of course). Want to go for a run? Sure! Want to swing by H&M after work? No problem. Want to go see the latest Harry Potter movie? Which showing! For those of you with kids though, you know this is not the case – it takes plans, babysitters, scheduling, and packing at least 2 extra bags of STUFF.

And that’s only if you actually find the energy to do the things you want to do.

I’ll admit that this has been a real struggle for me – finding time to exercise, go shopping, or even just veg out. There really isn’t much time for that when your a parent – business owning or not. And even if you have an amazing partner (like I do!) that helps to prep dinner so you can squeeze a workout in, or offers to do the food shopping this week so you can hop into a store and find some new clothes, it can be extremely hard to realize that you really have little to no time for yourself.

I know this is something I am just going to have to continue to work on. To accept, and understand that that is just the reality for now. I have to tell myself that in the grand scheme of life, working out and buying clothes aren’t as important as spending time together as a family, and working hard at both my jobs. I need to accept that the time to myself is infrequent and cherish it when I can get it and be OK with the fact that for a while, during these child rearing years, I am just not going to get a bunch of it.

I’ll continue to have good days and bad days on the subject and I’ll continue to look for ANY advice to help in this area if you’ve got it!

Stay strong out there, fellow mompreneurs.

Danielle & Charlie’s Rad, Stylish Alternative Engagement Pictures in Norfolk, VA



Images: The Girl Tyler via Two Bright Lights

Well we survived Thanksgiving. Even though last week started with Evie & I both getting the stomach bug (and delaying our travels to NJ), we had a really nice time visiting with family & friends for the Turkey Day holiday. Minus the fact that we then gave most of our family the stomach bug, we ate lots of great food, kept the political discussions to a minimum (well at least the overly contentious ones) and now we focus on Christmas (gahhh stressing commence). Thanks to EVERYONE that shopped small in the CapRoShop this past Saturday as well!

For today we have THE MOST RAD engagement pictures from The Girl Tyler. This couple is adorable and so freakin’ stylish! Tyler captured these two, their love, and their AMAZING smiles in the Neon Arts District in Norfolk (I want to go to there!). Happy Monday All!

alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-1 alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-10

We were introduced via well-known matchmakers of “Travel”and “the Fast and the Furious franchise.” When we first met in May 2011, Charlie was visiting from New York to see a mutual friend in DC. Charlie came down specifically to watch the new “Fast 5,” so we really owe much of our relationship to Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. The night before the premiere, I met up with Charlie and his friend for some Karaoke. The first time I saw him, I couldn’t help myself. I got the giggles the moment I was next to him. That night, Charlie and I sang (and sang) and danced, and really connected. I was drawn to his sense of humor, and great singing voice. From there, we started the whole long distance thing, which involved lots of cheap bus travel back and forth between DC and NY. Soon after, Charlie moved down to DC, and we’ve been traveling, singing, and laughing ever since.

alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-4 alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-2 alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-6

Our proposal story is quite typical. Charlie told me he was taking me on a surprise trip. He didn’t tell me until about a week before we were set to take off that we were going to Miami Honestly, I forced him to tell me where we were going so I’d know what to pack. On the way there he was oddly nervous and anxious. It was strange because we both love to travel and I thought he was just stressed out from work. After a harrowing ride to our hotel from the Miami airport, I started getting settled in the hotel room. I was putting away some luggage and had my back turned to him when he asked me to turn around. He was on one knee, holding the perfect ring and proposing. I was shocked! I didn’t expect it to happen at that moment and didn’t say anything. I don’t even think I said yes… but I grabbed and kissed him and from that day on, we were going to spend forever together. The next day we went snorkeling in Key West and it was awesome. We’ve been married a little more than a year, and it’s still awesome.

alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-8 alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-9 alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-5

Lee & Peter’s Romantic, Backyard Wedding in Maryland


Images: An Endless Pursuit

A gorgeous wedding from An Endless Pursuit today on the blog, as I continue to attempt to pack my days with beautiful distractions of love & happiness. At work some of my female coworkers and I agreed that it feels like we’re going through EVERY stage of grief … every day … twice. It’s exhausting and I just keep hoping for the day that I wake up and feel more like I did, circa pre-election. At any rate, we’ll be planning to get a blog post up tomorrow, but will likely be quiet for the rest of the week as we enjoy some R&R with family. I’ll try to be on my best behavior with our Thanksgiving location literally causing us to drive by Drumpf’s Golf Course in NJ where he’s currently been hiding out. Oh and don’t forget! Small Business Saturday is this week and we do hope you’ll keep us on your shopping list for your DC friends, family, & engaged people you know!

backyard-dc-wedding-pictures-rad-wedding-alternative10 backyard-dc-wedding-pictures-rad-wedding-alternative6

Our biggest focus from the very beginning was making sure that our wedding had the feel of a fun, laid-back, family party. Lee has so many wonderful memories of gatherings both big and small that happened in that backyard, and we wanted to plan a day that would fit in right beside them: a day that would feel comfortable, colorful, joyful, inclusive, and familiar. Above all, we wanted our guests to walk away feeling like they’d just been to the best summer party they’d ever been to. We could have gotten married just about anywhere and in front of pretty much anyone, but we really wanted to do it in a place and with people that mean the world to us.

backyard-dc-wedding-pictures-rad-wedding-alternative21 backyard-dc-wedding-pictures-rad-wedding-alternative5

Because our focus was on everyone having a great time, the things that were most important to us were delicious food (that we’d actually choose to eat for ourselves on any summer day, if given the chance), fun summer drinks, a playlist of summer jams that took many late-night negotiations over many months to carefully curate, and a beautiful scene. One thing we learned was that there’s a fine line between “laid back” and “thrown together.” We were very lucky to work with the fantastic Lauren Niles, who helped us find lots of little personal touches that truly made the wedding ours—not to mention how organized she kept us!

backyard-dc-wedding-pictures-rad-wedding-alternative12 backyard-dc-wedding-pictures-rad-wedding-alternative11 backyard-dc-wedding-pictures-rad-wedding-alternative18

John & Stephanie’s Key Bridge and C&O Canal Engagement Pictures in Arlington, VA


Images: Aimee Custis Photography

It was a productive weekend at the Ryback household. We cleaned, hung, and put away ALL THE THINGS. It was a nice distraction, but I’d be lying if I told you I was anywhere close to being back to pre-election standards. It’s a short week on the blog with the Thanksgiving holiday. Andy & I are headed to NJ (as usual) for the Turkey break, and I am hoping the family time will continue to help to ease the feelings of unrest and anxiety that I am still holding.

Saturday is also Small Business Saturday – my first as an eCommerce Shop Owner. And naturally we plan to celebrate it with a big ole discount in the online #CapRoShop. The orders have been trickling in (and the reviews too!!) and we’d be downright HONORED to have you purchase some holiday gifts from our shop this season. So be sure you are signed up for our #CapRoNewblasts to get Saturday’s 1-day only Small Biz Saturday discount.

For today we have a sweet engagement session & love story — I actually used to go to the gym with the bride to be, many years ago, in Arlington. DC such a small place :) Well they are both active people and so they decided to pick a place that they run near frequently – the Key Bridge. Be sure to check out Stephanie’s ring too – a family heirloom! Happy Monday all.


6 years ago, Becca asked John and Stephanie, separately, if they’d like to join a relay team.  The team would be comprised of 12 people in 2 vans running 200 miles from Gettysburg, PA to Washington, DC.  Avid runners, they both agreed!

Their first official meeting was at Northside Social in Arlington, where Becca shared the final team name: “American: Odd ‘N Easy.”  Stephanie thought this was hilarious because of it’s play off the name of the relay: American Odyssey.

arlington-virginia-key-bridge-canal-engagement-pictures2 arlington-virginia-key-bridge-canal-engagement-pictures4

When Stephanie found out John was the clever man that came up with the team name, she immediately asked for his number!  It would take him 2 more years from that point to realize Stephanie was pursuing him…Even after countless invitations to play board games to which John always invited a third party…After all, board games are no fun with just two people!

After 4 years of blissful dating, board gaming, traveling, and cooking, Stephanie was persistently and fervently encouraging John to pop the question.  A week before their 4 year anniversary, and Stephanie’s deadline, John finally did just that!


While cooking dinner one Saturday night, John told Stephanie it would be a good idea to invite some people to share the meal.  Stephanie asked her sister and her sister’s boyfriend (Jill and Binoy) to join them. Jill said Binoy was on a run, but would ask him when he returned. Knowing that Stephanie wanted to celebrate their engagement with Jill and Binoy, John asked, “If Binoy says yes to coming to dinner, do you want me to propose tonight?” To which Stephanie responded, “Sure!” And with that, John got down on one knee and Stephanie sobbed uncontrollably.


Rachel & Deaglan’s Washington DC Elopement at The W Hotel


Images: Valerie Demo

Do the weeks feel somehow longer since last Tuesday or is it just me? I’ll admit I am still riding the struggle bus over here and wondering if/when these feelings will ever end. I want to feel “normal” again, but when I start to, I get nervous about my complacency. It’s a roller coaster indeed, but I’m trying to take more of the happy while I can. With that, I have a gorgeous DC elopement to share today from the insanely talented (and super boss lady) Valerie Demo. Enjoy her gorgeous images & this truly romantic love story.


Rachel and Deaglan. Their story is like a rom-com. One year ago, Rachel and Deaglan met at Churchkey for drinks after not seeing each other for many many years. It was literally love at first-re-site. It only made sense that when they decided to get married, that it be in Washington DC where they had fallen in love again. Rachel, who lives in Texas, and Deaglan, who lives in Pennsylvania… flew into DC to take the plunge.

washington-dc-alternative-elopement-pictures4 washington-dc-alternative-elopement-pictures5

They were married in the whiskey bar in the bottom of Pinea in the W Hotel in the heart of DC where they were staying. Their vows were sweet and endearing and their ceremony was full of so much love and so many tears. David Andrew Smith was on hand to play an entire list of amazing songs and they had a first dance and a champagne toast.

washington-dc-alternative-elopement-pictures6 washington-dc-alternative-elopement-pictures8 washington-dc-alternative-elopement-pictures7

After some portraits in the lobby and a change of dress… we hopped into an uber and headed to Churchkey for a few beers… because what else would be more appropriate than going back to the place where they knew it was forever.

washington-dc-alternative-elopement-pictures10 washington-dc-alternative-elopement-pictures11 washington-dc-alternative-elopement-pictures12

Vendors -> Photographer: Valerie Demo Photography | Musicians: David Andrew Smith | Floral Designer: Greenworks Florist | Officiant:Rev. Kiana Hebron | Beauty: Style Me Bar | Venue: W Hotel Washington, DC | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Guest Post: Saying Heck Yes to The Dress ~ How to Pick Your Wedding Dress

how to pick your wedding dress (1)

Our favorite bride-to-be guest blogger, Kelsey, is back today sharing her thoughts on picking a wedding dress. We’ve touch on this topic before (thanks to another guest blogger!) but it’s always nice getting multiple perspectives – afterall wedding planning is really not the same for every couple.  Take it away Kelsey!

Saying Heck Yes to the Dress ~ How to Pick Your Wedding Dress | By: Kelsey

Back again to share my fantastic journey of planning a wedding. In going through this whole process, the next question a bride gets after the ‘omg when is the wedding?’ is ‘do you have a dress?’ Personally I think that’s a little sexist, but I also write a blog with the word Barbie in the title so I may not be the best person to dispute this. Anyway, the pressure of finding the perfect dress can be about as stressful as finding your soulmate, but good news for you, you’ve already checked one of those off your list so let me tell you about the other.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this for you, wedding dress shopping is really hard. It is stressful and it is not all champagne and Kleinfeld’s. Unless, of course, you go to Kleinfeld’s in which case, dang girl.


Why is dress shopping so hard? Because after the whole ‘this dress is my destiny’ feeling you may or may not get, you have to decide if that’s what you want to look like for the rest of forever. These pictures last forever. This is not a happy hour Instagram #tbt moment. This is look has to be classic. You want to look back on this dress and react like the image above.

The easiest way to start, rule out what you don’t love and call in the reinforcements. So far in my planning, I have not wanted a lot of help or input from others (because I’m a nasty woman like that), but dresses are a great way to get instant feedback from your friends and family. Think of them as your air tank and wedding dress searching is like scuba diving. Right? Right.

Once you’ve narrowed down what you think you like. Call your [fill in the blank army of strong, powerful women you want to take with you] and book at least two appointments are different salons. [insert image3] Most stores have some pretty great or not so great Yelp reviews so use those to figure out what and where is going to work for you.

Now you’re at the salon. Here’s what you need to do. First, twirl around on that pedestal stage thing for at least eight seconds. Second, touch everything.


Third, find a dress. I recommend trying on a couple of silhouettes even if you’ve ruled them out in your head. What harm can it do? Play dress up for a minute. Also, get comfortable with your sales associate because she’s going to get real up close and personal with you, buttoning, zipping, and clamping you into dresses.


At the end of the day, I tried on 7 dresses. I relied on the gut reactions of my mom and sister, and then I found the dress. I didn’t cry. There were no doves released (as I requested…wth maid of honor). But it was a dress I felt beautiful wearing and a dress that I wanted to get married in.

I won’t bore you with the ‘go with a beachy vibe’ or ‘I want to be able to dance’ information because, you know all that. My comfort requirements were: do I look like Beyoncé and can I sit down in this. Check and check.

So you sign the paperwork and go out to brunch and remember that 4-6 months of waiting is going to be totally worth it.

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