Julia & Jon’s Virginia Themed, Monday Wedding at Columbia Firehouse Restaurant

Images: Angel Kidwell Photography

I had all intentions of blogging this yesterday, and of COURSE life got in the way (it usually does). I guess a day later really isn’t the worst, though I am interested to see how blogging on a Saturday goes (I think this is actually the first time I’ve ever done it!). I am home all weekend with E doing the single parent dance, while Andy is working the Oscars (I know, let’s not talk about how cool his job is, especially while I sit at some kid’s music hall, covered in milk & crackers), but at least I’ll catch up on emails and CapRo things … right!? Ok fine, I am really just going to watch Jane the Virgin. Here’s a super rad Virginia wedding for you all to enjoy though!

We are getting married at a historic home in Alexandria, VA (the city where we live). Julia is from Virginia and BIG into Virginia stuff (see her Virginia tattoos…) and Jon digs history (um, George Washington is from Alexandria…well that’s sort of a big deal) so it seemed like a reasonable fit. Julia has three members on her side of the bridal party (all friends); Jon has four (his brother, his cousin, Julia’s brother, and a friend.) A friend of Julia’s from her high school will be officiating the ceremony; it will be on the shorter side and very secular. Jon’s father will do a reading. The reception will be at the Columbia Firehouse restaurant, also in old town. The restaurant is gorgeous with lots of brick and dark wood. The food is going to be delicious!

Julia and Jon were married on a Monday –  yes a Monday! They had a very low stress day with plenty of time to enjoy their family and friends. They had an early afternoon ceremony with an evening heavy hors d’oeuvre reception. That left us with lots of time to explore Old Town for photos.

A really cute part of the day, when Julia stepped out of the Lloyd House to walk down the aisle, her heel got stuck in the brick walkway. She did recover quickly, but it was a nice bit of comic relief.

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Jordan & Colleen’s Modern, Pink & White, Mormon Wedding in Washington, DC

Images: Dragon Studio via Two Bright Lights

Late to the blogging party today guys! But the shades of pink in this real DC wedding are ON POINT because the cherry trees in my neighborhood are ALREADY blooming. I don’t think I am ready to say bye to winter just yet (Evie didn’t even get to play in any snow), but it’s been nice to be biking to work, and spending weekends at the playground with her. But also, I am terrified for our climate and my allergies are already starting … but also WARMTH. So yes, I am conflicted.

But here’s a gorgeous modern Mormon DC wedding to help distract us from the conflicted feelings on the weather (oh and everything else going on).

The day started off being cold and windy and rainy but held off long enough for us to take some fantastic photos of the family and bridal party around the garden areas of the temple.

We decided to get married on what turned out to be one cold, windy and rainy day in April. As active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, there was no doubt that we wanted to get married in one of the church’s temples. Since there is no temple in Virginia, we decided to get married at the Washington, DC Temple.

A temple marriage is a private ceremony, but friends and family were eagerly waiting to greet the newly married us, as we walked out of the temple that seemed like something out of a fairytale with it’s marble structure and elegant features.

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Meet Goodshuffle: The Best & Easiest Wedding and Events Rentals Website

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Image: Goodshuffle

Sourcing rentals for your wedding or event can be a total headache for a few reasons. Once you get over the shock of the cost of renting a single chair, you’ll ask yourself – does everyone in this area charge XX for a chair? Do I really have to go search each, individual rental companies’ websites to see offerings & pricing? Man, it’d be easier to just search one place to get a list of all the rental items (with price comparison) I might need, AND be able to book the rentals right then and there – a one-stop-shop, that lets you actually “add to cart” and schedule your delivery for your rentals.

Well you’re in luck because someone created Goodshuffle for this exact reason. Goodshuffle (made in DC!) was started with the sole purpose of simplifying the event rentals business. Their online marketplace makes it so much easier to find the most affordable prices for whatever your event rental needs might be, and saves you time by centralizing the rentals shopping & scheduling process (More time? Surely something every couple planning a wedding needs).

Goodshuffle has a good deal of tools on their website as well, all with the purpose of HELPING you! You can search through collections to use as an inspiration (what all might I need for a romantic, winery wedding?).

Planners or DIYers can use the tent calculator and tablecloth calculator to help make decisions. Never rented a tent for an event before? The tent calculator helps you to decide the type & size of tent you might need.

Likewise, the tablecloth calculator helps you to decide the size of a linen you will need based on your table sizes. (Side note: this tablecloth calculator tool is almost FUN to play with, but also SUPER useful. I’ve personally worked weddings where the couple opted to buy or rent their own linens and as I dressed the tables, the linens didn’t quite meet the floor so you could still see some not-so-event-ready table legs. Don’t make this mistake!)

You can compare prices, create different carts for your different events, and even schedule deliveries, all through the website.

Goodshuffle isn’t staying put either – they’re planning on adding more tools and products in the near future – including a software for event rental companies to use this month! Stay tuned and check out their site for more information on what’s coming next. I’m gonna go head back over to that tablecloth calculator ;)

*this is a sponsored post. this vendor paid to have this content shared on our blog, however, it was verified that this event was confirmed to meet our requirements and mission*

Jaysen & Christopher’s DC Engagement Pictures at the National Mall

Images: Chris Ferenzi Photography via Two Bright Lights

Hope you guys enjoyed the 3 day weekend and holy crap THIS WEATHER. We spent a good deal of the long weekend outside, enjoying the parks & slides of NE DC with Evie. She returned the favor with only sleeping 3 hours on Saturday night. That was fun. But T & J’s awesome Whittemore House wedding was the best distraction from the lack of sleep, and I enjoyed some serious downtime yesterday to try & make up for it. Looking forward to a short work week (even though Andy will be traveling over the weekend) & getting back into a routine. Here’s an awesome DC engagement session to get your week going.

How they met:

“We met on a crisp fall evening in October 2013. Jaysen had just finished a performance of Measure for Measure at the Shakespeare Theatre and Christopher was returning to the city from a Halloween party at his brother’s house. We wandered around the Gallery Place and Penn Quarter neighborhoods (not far from where we’re getting married!) talking and learning a little bit about each other. Two nights later, we had our second date. Jaysen was fascinated by Christopher’s large family and Christopher wanted to learn everything he could about Jaysen’s life as an actor. Two nights after that, we had our third date, and though it was still early, we both knew that we were falling in love with someone special.

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Fall, Romantic Vineyard Wedding Inspiration in the Virginia Mountains

Images: Megan Vaughan Photography

It’s been a long week. I am very much looking forward to treating myself to a massage tomorrow, working my 2nd wedding of 2017, and then enjoying a day off from the day job on Monday. Hope you guys enjoy the weekend. Here’s some BEAUTIFUL details from a Virginia mountain wedding.

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Jennie & Jeff’s Modern, Metallic Northern Virginia Wedding at Virtue Feed & Grain

Images: Porter Watkins Photography

Jennie & Jeff were one of those couples that I could tell by the inquiry, that I just had to coordinate their wedding. After attending so many weddings as guests, they were sick of the same old traditions and wanted to through a party that was true to themselves – full of flash tatts, Penn State winks, metallic golds, a splash of DIY projects, and one HECK of a party. I only wish I could have seen the pinata part of the evening for myself (yes they had a legit pinata at their reception) but I was 8 months preggo when I worked this one and Alesha took over for me during dinner!

You guys are going to LOVE the details from this one, lots of steal-worthy ideas & Porter Watkins crushes the pictures as usual. Here’s all the details from Jennie!!

When we started planning our wedding, we knew we would have a lot of folks traveling in for our wedding (I grew up in Pittsburgh, Jeff grew up in upstate NY & spent some time in CA after college) so while it wasn’t a destination wedding for us, we looked at every detail and really made an effort to customize, DIY or put our own spin on everything we could to showcase our love of the DC Area & each other.


In an effort to minimize flowers, the bridesmaids carried burlap purses I found on etsy & embellished to match their dresses/earrings.  I carried a burlap/brooch bouquet that Jeff’s mom made & the guys wore corsages that I made from burlap, each with a lego character that represented them.

I found Porter Watkins on the Capitol Romance blog and really liked her style.  It stood out to me that she captured people enjoying themselves & I think that translated into our pictures.  We decided to do a first look to maximize our time with guests after the ceremony.  Those pictures of just us are some of my favorites!

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Guest Post: Wedding Dress Shopping When You Have an Average Woman’s Body

We’re no stranger to the topic of dress shopping on this blog. But I think it’s important to showcase MULTIPLE views on how to go dress shopping for your wedding (or like me, you could opt to not dress shop at all, and just have your mother in law make your dress – cheap AND easy). Because it really is a difference experience for different people and I can tell you with 100% confidence that not everyone’s experience is the way the portray it on TV. I can also tell you that not every one looks forward to this part of wedding planning – some might even dread it. AND THAT’S OK. You know are only rule here: there are no rules.

So we have Becca back today, to talk about HER experience with dress shopping, with an average woman’s body type. Take it away Becca!

Wedding Dress Shopping for the Average Woman | By: Becca

Alright, readers, it is time to get REAL.  I was not one of those brides-to-be who was excited about dress shopping.  Even though this was the aspect most exciting for many of my friends (and my mother and sister/MOH, who are devoted Say Yes to the Dress viewers), I had a lot of trouble finding enthusiasm for the idea of the wedding dress.  Why?  Because I have a secret.

Are you ready? I am shaped like an average woman.

In fact, I fall just about where the average American woman does for weight – although I’m considerably shorter than average, just to make this endeavor even more fun!  I have boobs.  I have a belly, mostly thanks to the fact that D.C. has an incredible craft beer scene.  But honestly, I look nothing like the tall, slender models who showcase wedding dresses on websites, magazines, and Pinterest.  It seemed impossible that there would be a dress out there for my body.

Don’t worry – this blog post has a happy ending!  It turns out, bridal dress shopping is a little weird for everyone regardless of body type but it can feel especially odd if your body happens to not be sample size.  I have a few tips to share for dress shopping, particularly for our curvier brides.  Full disclosure: I did my dress shopping in my hometown of Houston, TX, so my family could be involved, so please leave your favorite dress shops in the comments!

  1. Be honest with your consultant.  Your consultant is your friend – they want you to look great and feel great so you will find your dress and they will make a sale.  When you book your appointment, don’t be afraid to share your size/body type in advance.  Both consultants I worked with (I visited two stores total) mentioned how helpful it can be knowing a bride’s shape in advance.  The more information they are working with in terms of the fit you are looking for, the better! If you are considering shopping at a consignment or boutique store, this can be especially important as they may not have the range of options that your David’s Bridal might have.
  2. Wedding dress sizing is weird.  Do NOT worry about the number on the tag.  You know how you might wear different size jeans based on the store you shop with?  It is a thousand times worse with wedding gowns.  Every store/designer/line has different sizing and it may be wildly different from your street size.  Trust your consultant – what matters is how it looks on you, not what the listed size is.  Also, it’s likely you won’t be trying on your dress in your size.  Many boutiques and stores only keep a handful of sample sizes to try on – your consultant will use clips and other tricks to show you how the dress you order will look.  Again, calling ahead and finding out what options they have in your size can save you some headache in advance.
  3. Be open-minded.  As a curvier body type, I was really concerned that anything outside of a very plain, simple dress would add bulk and draw unwanted attention to certain parts of my body.  It turns out wedding dresses are actually built and conceived to make you look great – which means you may find the best cut or style simply by trying on something outside of your comfort zone. Experiment with different silhouettes and styles – even if you think you’ll hate it.  Again, trust your consultant – they have seen these dresses on every body type imaginable and they know what’s going to work.
  4. Alterations are your friend.  There is a good chance, regardless of your body type, that you will need to make alterations to your dress (unless you are getting a custom gown, which in that case, go on, girl.)  Be sure to factor in adjustments for what the dress will look will be after alterations are done.
  5. Bring your cheerleaders.  Even the most confident gals can be overwhelmed wedding dress shopping.  Be sure to bring along your self-esteem squad.  You want a team with you who will be honest and supportive but who will also recognize when you look HOT.

Finally, even if you were like me – totally DREADING the idea and convinced you wouldn’t find a thing – there is a hope.  A couple great consultants, a few hours of trial and error, and an awesome cheering section can result in a pretty fun experience.  (Oh, and readers, I did find THE dress!)

Liz & Gabe’s Intimate, Bohemian Inspired Art Gallery Wedding in Washington DC

Images: Valerie Demo Photography

An intimate elopement at a DC art gallery? Yup – I can’t think of a better post for Valentine’s Day! Gabe & Liz’s modern, intimate DC wedding was all about love, happiness & family! Surrounded by their family and full of both laughs & tears, this couple had the small, family-oriented wedding they wanted, right in their DC neighborhood. Love it – hope you guys all have a great day spreading the love to anyone & everyone in your life!

“We are having a small, family-only wedding at a local art gallery in our neighborhood. We are MOST excited about, well, marrying each other! We believe we are well suited as partners, excited to share families, and truly love each other as individuals, as friends, and as romantic partners. We are also excited to have our ceremony be simple, short and free of the distractions and expectations that large, traditional weddings put on a couple and their families.”

After getting ready with their own families, Liz and Gabe walked to the ceremony. Their wedding was held a few blocks away from their apartments at Gallery NK. It had the BEST light (and who can argue with a wedding surrounded by art). Liz and Gabe DIY’ed their entire wedding arch and set it up in the gallery, hung some twinkle lights and flanked it with bouquets from urbanstems . Liz’s aunt presided over the ceremony which included a ring warming, super emotional personal vows, and each of their parents giving the couple a special gift.

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Our Bride to Be Guest Blogger, Kelsey’s Final Post : It’s Party Time

Disco dancing, shimmering gold & black linens, a SURPRISE Gospel Choir, and so. much. more ~ Kelsey & Phil’s wedding was one for the #CapRoWedding history books and the best way to kick off 2017. I am already gearing up for wedding #2 (crazy! February!), but I wanted to share Kelsey’s last guest post today, as a bride-to-be. Looking forward to getting the pictures back from the Happy Couple from their big day.

Party Time – Insight into The Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party | By Kelsey

The wedding you’re planning seems to be the only thing on your mind. Between escort cards and first look details you think nothing else matters, until your best friend texts you and asks what you want to do for your bachelorette party and then your mom calls and asks for your available dates for a bridal shower. You’re all…

Here’s the thing about these two parties. They’re going to happen. No matter how busy you are or if you don’t even want one, they’re going to get planned, and you’re going to need to show up. So you should get involved.

My biggest suggestion: tell the person in charge of planning what you want and perhaps more importantly, what you don’t want. Do you want triangle sandwiches and tea or do you want penis straws and bling-shaped shot glasses that are also light up rings. Something in between? Well, then tell them.

For me, I told my mom and sister that I wanted lunch or brunch with an activity for my shower. I fear silence in a social setting, and when you start mixing families and friend groups, I wanted to make sure there were conversation topics ready. These wonderful women delivered. A wine tasting lunch with one game, a photo slideshow on a loop, and presents. It was just what I wanted.

Now for the bachelorette, I wanted to make this the least expensive party ever for my girlfriends. I did not expect them to fly to Sonoma and pay for a hotel, meals, and more. I also didn’t want…

So I told my bffs I wanted a sleepover. Pjs, prosecco, and games. And that is just what they delivered. They decorated in pink and gold and had everything taken care of when I walked in.

Trust me, four weeks before I’m married, it was the most wonderful thing to walk into a fully thought out party and everyone is ready to love you. It’s kind of the best thing ever and even though I didn’t want a bachelorette party, it was perfect.

Let your friends and family love you during this amazing and stressful time. You deserve it.

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