A few weeks ago my sister asked my older sister and I to be bridesmaids in her wedding next October. We were SUPER PUMPED to be asked to be MAIDS of honor, not matrons, but that’s another story ;-p My sister and her husband to be are super excited to be planning a Fall wedding in Vermont next year and she has already promised me a few DIY projects, including today’s! I’ll let her take it from here: DIY Wine Bottle “Will You Be My Bridesmaid/man Gifts!”.


  • Wine bottles (Trader Joe’s)
  • Sparkling lemonade (TJs) (nonalcoholic choice)
  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Labels (I used Etsy’s: Labels With Love)


I bought the wine bottles and sparkling lemonade from Trader Joe’s and I bought the labels from Etsy (Labels With Love). The labels were a good price & I was able to personalized each one! The company sent me a preview before the labels were printed and shipped to me! (I was very happy with the preview but I did need to make some changes!)

First I needed to remove the labels from the bottles of wine and sparkling lemonade. 3 tablespoons of baking soda in a pot filled with cold water. I placed each bottle in the water/baking soda mixture for about 5 minutes each. The label came off easily. (The instructions said it may take up to 20 minutes of soaking time before the label comes off).

Take note I had to use a sharp edge knife to remove some of the sticker residue from the label. The wine bottles needed to dry (air dry) before placing the new labels on. The labels were easy to place and also easy to remove if I needed to replace the label.

I highly recommend ordering the labels from Etsy’s Label With Love. Easy to apply and water proof!


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