Oh hi! My name is Bree and I live in the Brookland neighborhood of Washington, DC with my husband,  our daughter Evelyn, our son Conrad, and our mini dachshund, Sadie.

Other than Harry Potter, I’d say I am slightly obsessed with trying to find the coolest DC area couples that are in love and helping to make connections between people and creators in DC.

I started this blog based on my passion for finding and supporting local vendors and helping ALL couples in the Washington, DC area plan a wedding they want to have. I love this city and I want to help couples that also love this city, be able to plan practical, affordable, and awesome weddings wherever they want.

After founding Capitol Romance in 2011, I’ve happily found that lots of people (couples AND vendors) appreciate this desire and share it too!

Since launching a blog, I have decided to grow Capitol Romance into a couple different areas to continue helping couples. First I launched a wedding coordination business, Capitol Romance Wedding Coordination, in 2012 for couples that need a little more “hands on” help with their wedding day. From there I launched Capitol Romance DIY Wedding Workshops in 2014, to help couples learn how to create special, handmade items for their wedding (with hands-on help and teaching from a local professional). The workshops have since been handed off to another company, but in their place comes an online store that I launched in 2016! For 2017, I hope to focus on growing the shop and growing my speaking engagements presence.

The shop contain LOTS of awesome things to buy, but our first big creation was The Capitol Romance Wedding Planner – a 3-ring binder full of tips, templates, and tools to keep you organized while planning your wedding.

Capitol Romance Coordination

Thanks to you, my readers, and so many awesome people in the city of Washington, DC, I have been able to grow Capitol Romance into places and areas I’ve never dreamed possible. Since launching we now get over 6,000 page views a day, with over 9K Pinterest followers, 2.8K Twitter followers, 2.5K Instagram followers, and 1.9k Facebook followers.

Our top 3 areas of visitors are Virginia, DC & Maryland and readers from those areas spend over 3 minutes, on average, on Capitol Romance each day! Insane.

When I’m not busy working on all things Capitol Romance, I am usually working on the old home in Brookland we recently started to renovate (hoping it will eventually look like our beloved Trinidad rowhouse we sold back in 2017 -which was featured on Apartment Therapy AND Houzz), busy chasing my kids, watching Penn State Football Games, collaborating with other local, rad DC small business owners, or spending time with my family & friends.

I love people, the city of DC, and love and I am so happy that Capitol Romance enables me to work with all 3 of those things.

No matter why you read Capitol Romance, I can’t thank you enough for doing so. A blog and business would be a pretty lonely place without others, so thanks for joining this ride with me.

I can’t wait to see where Capitol Romance grows in the next few years.

My Wedding

My husband Andy and I got married on November 13, 2010 in Washington, DC. Our ceremony was held at the Church of the Holy City on 16th St, and our reception was at the amazing Decatur House on Lafayette Square.

We used hot pink, black, grey, and polka dots as our colors and our theme was mostly Washington, DC with a splash of hipster attitude. Read more about how we kept things on a budget, and see the photos.

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