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Happy DIY Wednesday Romancers! We’re here today to share another DIY Wedding Tutorial from our guest blogger, Kara. Kara’s ADORABLE flower girls rocked hot pink & orange tutus, flower crows, and waved adorable DIY Ribbon Wands. These wands are SO simple and easy to make – and much more practical than handing little kids a bouquet first thing in the wedding day (spoiler alert, it won’t look pretty by the wedding ceremony). Take it away Kara!

DIY Ribbon Wands Tutorial | by Kara Britanik

Having kids in your wedding, especially toddlers, can be a bit stressful since you never quite know what kind of mood they’ll be in on the day of your wedding. My cousins’ daughters were our flower girls, and at 3 years old, I wasn’t sure if they’d be really excited or if they’d throw a tantrum. Since both of them are obsessed with princesses, I wanted to try and make the experience as fun as possible for them and let them pretend they were princesses for the day, in hopes it would make things go smoothly. I made them DIY no-sew tutus, they wore flower crowns, and I made them ribbon wands. I thought the wands would be a lot easier for them to carry, rather than trying to get them to toss flower petals down the aisle. The wands were a big hit, and they couldn’t have been easier to make!


Wooden dowels

– Ribbon and or crepe paper

– Small finishing nail (one per wand; the skinnier the better)


DIY Flower Girl Ribbon Crepe Paper Wands Wedding Tutorial (5)

Step 1. Start by hammering your nail into the end of the wooden dowel. You’ll want to hammer it about ¾ of the way in.

DIY Flower Girl Ribbon Crepe Paper Wands Wedding Tutorial (1) DIY Flower Girl Ribbon Crepe Paper Wands Wedding Tutorial (6)

Step 2. Determine how long you want your ribbons to be, double the length, and cut. I recommend having varying lengths of ribbon/crepe paper. It helps add some visual interest to the wands. If you do use a mix of crepe paper and ribbon, you should cut the crepe paper so it is a similar width as your ribbon. For me, that meant cutting it into 4ths.

Step 3. Once you have all of your ribbons cut, you can start stacking them on your nail. Remove your nail from the wooden dowel. Fold your ribbon in half so you can find the middle, and put your nail through the middle of your ribbon. Continue with each ribbon until they’re all on the nail.

DIY Flower Girl Wands 4.5

Step 4. Place your nail back into your wooden down, into the hole you already created. You should be able to push the nail most of the way in. At this point, you can spread out your ribbons so they’re evenly distributed around the dowel. Then hammer your nail the rest of the way in.

DIY Flower Girl Wands 6.7

They’re so simple to make in just a matter of minutes! After the wedding, they can be great additions to any kid’s dress-up closet. You could also make a bunch and give them to guests to wave as you walk down the aisle, or when you’re leaving the venue at the end of the night. They’re really versatile, and don’t require any cleanup at the end of the night ;)

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