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Images: Hannah Hudson Photography

Still snowed in over here Romancers. Andy is currently (attempting) digging our car out so we can make a desperately needed food store run. For today I have a gorgeous, modern & intimate DC wedding for you – which I’m not going to lie, is part awesome wedding and part awesome interior design inspiration. This house (the exposed brick! the modern furniture!) is GORGEOUS with it’s open loft feel, and modern/clean aesthetic. For the bride & groom, it was the perfect venue for their 60-person wedding. We’ve got all the deets below! Happy Tuesday.

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We did a very intimate, 60 person wedding and cocktail style reception at an open loft space in Georgetown. We chose this space because it was reflective of our aesthetic: modern and clean. It also paired well with our all neutral palette and provided both indoor and outdoor functionality.

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Jay’s children (Gabby, 15, and Adin, 12,) were our “Best People,” with my sister, Courtney, as the Maid of Honor. I walked down a makeshift aisle to Coldplay. Our ceremony was short and sweet, yet deeply personal, with guests physically encircled around us. The energy was palpable. We wrote our own vows; I went playful, he went sentimental.

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We went minimal on flowers and opted for candles instead, which created just the right amount of soft glow throughout the space. Warm…beautiful…poignant…ridiculously fun…we followed no format but our own. This made for a wedding that was in no way the typical norm, as evidenced by people literally saying that they’d never seen anything like it (which, to a girl like me, is as fine a compliment as they come).

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We had amazing eats including a gourmet mac n’ cheese bar that people are STILL talking about. We didn’t do cake; we put out a fishbowl full of Ferrero Rocher (our favorite candy) instead. Guests could order the “Carrie” or the “Jay” as a signature drink (naturally, mine was a fizzy concoction and his was bourbon based), and we capped off the evening with late night eats including grilled cheese and sliders.

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  1. Hi There!
    I am wondering what the venue is for Carrie & Jay’s modern private Georgetown wedding? It looks so pretty!
    Thanks in advance for any info!

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