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We’ve got our guest blogger, Kara, back today to share another DIY tutorial that she initially planned to make as bridesmaids gifts, but ran out of time and made some for herself instead (and the leftovers made great holiday gifts!). Take it away Kara!

DIY Clay Marble Dish Tutorial | By: Kara Britanik

I love having little dishes around the apartment where I can stash my rings, earrings, and other jewelry as I take them off throughout the day. As soon as I saw these DIY versions floating around Pinterest, I knew I needed to try making them myself.


  • Oven bake clay in multiple colors (like these)
  • Rolling pin or large jar
  • Ramekins or any small oven-safe dish (like these)

Marbled Dish 1

Step 1. Roll each color of clay into ropes about 5 inches long. I recommend using white as your base, and then choosing other colors that complement each other and look good when mixed. You’ll want your white rope to be about twice as thick as your colored ropes.

Marbled Dish 2

Step 2. With all your ropes rolled out, twist them together into one big rope. Roll them out so the colors start to combine, and your rope is about twice the original length.

Marbled Dish 3


Step 3. Fold your rope in half, twist the ends together, and roll it into one big rope again. Repeat this 2-3 times, until your colors are nicely combined.

Marbled Dish 4

Step 4. Smoosh (that’s a technical term, right?) your clay rope into a ball. Make sure you can see your colors on the outside of your ball. Using your rolling pin or a large jar, roll out your ball of clay. Try to roll it into a circle. You want it to be about ¼ – ½ inch thick.

Marbled Dish 5 Marbled Dish 6


Step 5. Using your ramekin as a guide, use a knife to cut out a circle. You can also go for a slightly more organic feel, and just go with whatever shape you roll your ball into. To shape your dish, you have a couple options. Turn your ramekin right side up, and place your circle on top. Lightly press down in the middle to form a slight depression. The other option is to keep your ramekin upside down, and let your clay drape over it.

Marbled Dish 7 Marbled Dish 8 Marbled Dish 9

Step 6.  Bake your clay according to the instructions.

Step 7. To add an extra bit of glam, I had some gold acrylic craft paint on hand, and decided to paint the edges of two of my dishes. I think it gives the dishes a nice finishing touch.

Marbled Dish 10 Marbled Dish 11

Voila! All done and SUPER easy! I might actually need to try this one ;)


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