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A friendor of mine (friend vendor) recently told me she was pregnant and wanted to know “how I did it all”. She said she’d be interested in reading posts about my newest job, being a mom, on top of running a side hustle and maintaining a full-time job and still being a good partner to my husband (and the job list goes on). I was apprehensive at first, because I don’t want this place to become a momblog, but I have written about my trials and tribulations as a small business owner in the past (to great response) and so I thought maybe I could throw a post in here and there.

Plus, I am really struggling as of late, and any time I find myself in such a low place, writing a blog post about it almost always helps. So here I am, a “momprenuer” and apparently to some people on the outside I am successfully “doing it all”. Well let me tell you, quite frankly, I am so very far from that. To me, I am “getting by” at present. I am furiously doggy paddling to keep my head above the waters as I watch so many of my friendors doing so many things that I wish I could do.

There’s a million events I am not attending. There are blog posts collecting dust in my mind, never finding their way to WordPress. There’s a million items for the online shop I haven’t yet designed, and there’s the unanswered survey I started in December to get a promo video for CapRo shot. There’s my already forgotten video series (boy 1 episode, that was short-lived ;-p). And probably more items than I can rattle off right now because my brain is absolute mush (almost always these days).

But this isn’t meant to be a SAD or “feel bad for me” post. (I swear!). Because while there are a million things I feel like I am NOT doing, I am simultaneously doing ten thousand more. I’ve hired another coordinator for the coordination team, I’ve got round 2 of our wedding planner in the print shop, I’m somehow blogging 3-4 times/week since the new year, and I am somehow still married to an incredible man and attempting to parent & teach an equally awesome baby.

For every event I miss, there’s an equally cool milestone I am witnessing at home. Evie learned to crawl this week AND feed herself! It’s truly amazing to watch such a little creature have to LEARN SO MANY THINGS in such a short time, all while having no way to express his/herself and also grow teeth at the same time.

So while the Instagram accounts might show you that motherhood is an endless amount of white backgrounds and impeccable kids clothing, I am hear to tell you that it’s neither of those things – it’s a rollercoaster ride. It’s a rollercoaster ride unlike one you’ve ever been on. Happy one minute and crying the next (both Evie and I). Logically sane, but emotionally unstable (Just me). It’s a struggle and it’s REAL and it’s daunting to think that it won’t be going away any time soon. But I look forward to at least sharing some of that ride with you here. I hope you don’t mind.


  1. Thank you for being brutally honest!! Motherhood definitely isn’t spotless smiling babies as social media would have you believe and having someone echo that is refreshing. Being a “mompreneur” is the hardest job ever- I’m trying to become one but constantly missing events & networking opportunities is killing me. I’m taking it one baby step at a time though. :) #thestruggleisreal

    1. Milyna – thank you for the comment and the words of support (and relief and commiseration! hah!). Th e social media fabrication is certainly getting to me these days…it doesn’t show enough the hard parts of being a mom or a mompreneur. Hoping I can shed some light where possible and know at least that you aren’t alone! I miss ALL the events.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am so glad you decided to do this. I have had this post saved in my favorites. Keep them coming as much as you feel inspired. It brings a fuller perspective to what you’re doing and it’s really encouraging.

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