A few weeks back I did an burlap wedding inspiration post and it got some rave reviews. So when I saw this step-by-step tutorial over on Fab You Bliss [I LOVE this blog], I just couldn’t resist not sharing it here.

Fab You Bliss’ DIY Burlap Napkin Ring Tutorial

Check it out here: http://fabyoubliss.com/2012/03/27/love-burlap-then-you-will-love-one-or-all-three-of-these-napkin-ring-diy-tutorials/



  1. hi there! just found your blog. it was super nice to read about someone who has already done the whole wedding thing. mine’s coming up in june and we’re doing both the ceremony and reception at eastern market. glad to see someone else do the ‘offbeat’ thing so well. :D

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