St. Patrick’s Day sort of went unnoticed here on Capitol Romance [sorry about that my fellow Irishmen/women]. So I couldn’t help myself today on DIY Wednesday, with sharing a cute little DIY Easter project that my Mom actually saw on Pinterest and made herself!

Thanks to my awesome Mom for sharing :)

A Cute & Simple DIY Easter Centerpiece


  • Square vase [approximately 5” high]
  • 2 – 1 pound bags of regular sized jellybeans [you could buy mini jellybeans or buy ones in the same color too!]
  • 2 packages of yellow [color can vary] bunny peeps
  • 1 – 6oz plastic cup
  • 6-10 tulips in color of your choice [cut to 6” in length]


I saw this adorable, easy DIY Easter centerpiece on Pinterest and could not resist making it!

I already had the approximately 5″ square vase. (5″ high). I purchased 2 one pound bags of regular sized jelly beans (you could certainly buy mini size or buy all the same color) I also bought two packages of yellow bunny peeps.

I placed the 6oz plastic cup into the middle of the vase and poured the jelly beans all around. Β When the jelly beans fill the vase to approximately 3″ high, stop pouring.

Then I placed four bunny peeps across the top of the jelly beans and proceeded to fit more peeps inside the perimeter of the vase. I had to trim some of the peeps lengthwise to fit (you want the peeps to just reach the top of the vase).

I purchased a bunch of tulips from the local food store (color is up to you) and cut them in 6″ length.

I filled the plastic cup with water, placed the tulips in the cup and voila….a cute, springtime centerpiece!

Β Let us know if you use this tutorial to make your own DIY Easter Centerpiece! We would love to see it :) Thanks again to my awesomesauce Mom for sharing her project with us!



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