Happy DIY Wednesday Romancers!

I have an awesome & fun DIY project for you today courtesy of Julie from Jewel Hair Design (check our blog feature on her company). Turns out this super-talented hair designer goddess is also a DIY maven! How jealous am I?

Julie took an old vintage luggage suitcase and turned it into a stationary set.

Julie helps us with some fantastic ideas to use this awesome DIY vintage suitcase for, for your wedding:

Wedding Use Ideas:

  • Favor holder
  • Guest book sign in ( add multiple slots at the bottom of the case so you can place cards)
  • Program, menu, direction cards holder
  • Gift card drop off at reception

Read more to learn how to make this vintage DIY wedding project!

What You Will Need: (items available at Joann fabrics & vintage stores or antique markets)

  • One old luggage case
  • Fabric of your choice ( a yard or less will do)
  • Decorations of your choice (fabric flowers, buttons, clothes pin , and etc.)
  • Hot glue or sticky glue tabs
  • 5 sheets of cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Sandpaper


Step one:  Find an old vintage luggage case or storage set.  Anything that you find and love will work.  Check out local old town in Ellicott City Maryland for neat vintage sores.

Step two:  Line the top of the luggage with a new fabric.  Depending on the state of the luggage you can either take out the old lining or you can cover it up.  In this picture I used back to back glue tabs to adhere the new fabric to the top of the case; you can also use hot glue.

Step three:  Find about 5 sheets of card stock that are able to be sanded. (These can be found in scrapbooking paper sections) Sand them until you get a distressed vintage look. Measured and cut the paper to fit the bottom and sides of your luggage case.  You can either use glue tabs or a hot glue gun to hold the paper down. **Second option:  If you would prefer, you can line the bottom with fabric just like you did with the top instead of using cardstock.

 Step four: Decorate the top of the luggage case with items of your choice. I used a fabric flower, buttons, and clothes pins that I painted white to match. I displayed a wedding invitation using the pins.

Step Five: Add a piece of card stock the bottom of the case to create a divider .You can add as many pieces as you need to create multiple divider slots.  Depending on what you are using your luggage case for you may or may not need this step.

A special thanks again to Julie of Jewel Hair Design for sharing this great DIY project with us!!





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