This is Chapter 10 of an ongoing series following the journey of a couple throwing an intimate, DIY wedding in Washington, DC. Be sure to check out the earlier chapters from this series for some great DIY tips & inspiration!
**A quick note** – Emma’s wedding is this weekend!!! She has a few more projects to share with us and then we hope to feature her actual wedding pictures as well! Help us wish her the best of luck this weekend!

Well, I looked all over Old Town Alexandria and even with the abundance of salons and spas, none were willing to lower their price to a non-bride price. And nothing chaps my hide more then paying more for something just cause it has the word “wedding” in it. So…. NO HAIR DRESSER FOR THE WEDDING!!!!!

OMG! Is this a mortal sin? Probably, but I decided I would give myself “boot camp” for 10 weeks instead of get my hair done once. Much more worth it in the end!

Sooo… What do I do now??

Step 1 : Find inspiration … (see my vintage wedding hair collage)

Step 2: Narrow down to the EXACT hairstyle that you want. for me…. here it is… (lucky for me, this girl also has VERY similar makeup to what I want too, just eyeliner not as heavy)

Step 3: Take the picture to your normal hairstylist and tell her you can’t afford the updo, but you would appreciate help with advice to do the style or which products to buy to achieve the result. For the DIY makeup, take the picture to a makeup supply place (like Sephora, Ulta or Mac) & ask for advice. Who knows, you may weasel into a free lesson!!

(*side note from Capitol Romance*: I did my own wedding makeup as well – took a picture to a MAC kiosk in Macys during the weekend, it’s free for them to show you how to do it as long as you buy $50 worth of products! totally worth it!)

Step 4: Buy the products to achieve the result, shop at beauty supply stores or salons for good hairspray, conditioner, heat resistance, bobbby pins, curlers etc. Also, keep your fascinator/hat/tiara etc. in mind!! For me, I bought it online and added some pink to it. Unfortunately (but turned out to be fortunately) the first fascinator got crushed in the mail so the company sent me another one for free.

Step 5: Practice, practice, practice.  I have downloaded countless Youtube videos on how to make perfect curls and rolls on my head. I did it so many times that I feel confident that I can do it on the big day.

Step 6: Enroll the help of one of your b’maids to be there early and help you the day of (maybe someone who is good with hair?)

Step 7: GO FOR IT!!! Don’t stress about it either. It is still you, and let’s face it, by now, your fiance has seen you in the morning and still loves your with your bags and matted down hair and all. Of course you want to look beautiful, but if every strand of hair is not in a perfect place, it is OK. You are the only one who will know. Noone likes “too” perfect hair anyway, it looks fake.

Finally, an advantage (besides saving money) is that you will look like yourself and you will have the confidence to know you did it yourself without the help of million dollar professionals. You will know you can recreate the look anytime you want.

BTW, I took the extra fascinator and turned it into a boutonniere for the groom. We will be so matching and cute:


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