Say Hey (I Love You)” by Michael Franti & Spearhead is one of those songs that I always LOVE to hear, but until I wrote this post, had no idea who sang it or what the actual name of the song even was (thanks Google!).

I think I might have been officially introduced to this song when they played it in an episode of Weeds at an outdoor Flash Mob dance! So couple that with the sunny day appropriate beat, and the adorable lyrics, and we have a great “wedding music that doesn’t suck” suggestion for you today!

(In case you want to see the Weeds clip here)

Seems like everywhere I go

The more I see

the less I know

But I know one thing

That I love you

Not sure I even need to suggest what to use this for, but if I must, I think it would make a great alternative first dance for your wedding, or a fun reception entrance song! Enjoy!

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