DIY Tutorial: Paper Roses from Books or Sheet Music!

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  • December 21, 2011

I have seen these beautiful paper roses all over Pinterest and wedding blogs alike, but I am now ecstatic to get to share an actual, step-by-step tutorial on how to make these gorgeous paper flowers!!

These little beauties could make for one amazing, offbeat DIY bouquet [a similar DIY paper flower bouquet here], or just use them a beautiful centerpiece idea for a party. Regardless, these flowers rock my socks & I cannot wait to find an excuse to make some [more than likely from pages of a Harry Potter book, of course]. A special thanks to Maryland wedding photographer, Photography by Susie, for making & sharing this awesome DIY tutorial with us!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make Paper Roses from Book Pages


 Tutorial Instructions:

Step 1. Start by cutting the paper into 4 inch squares.Unfortunately, I didn’t have a paper cutter or a ruler [yes, I couldn’t find one anywhere in the house. :P], so I just guessed at the measurements. The important thing though, is to cut three pieces of paper the same size. [I tried for a 4″ piece, and I think I got pretty close.]

Step 2. After you cut three pieces the same size, you’ll fold them all the way I did below. First you fold them in half like this…

Step 3. Then, you fold them again, and again, so they’re a nice little triangle.

Click inside to see the rest of our DIY Paper Flower Tutorial!

Step 4. Take your pencil, and draw a pattern on there, so you’ll cut the top rounded, and then cut the tip off, as well.  Use this one as a pattern for your other two pieces.

You should have three pieces cut out, looking like this when you unfold them.

Step 5. The next step is to cut one petal out of one, two petals out of the next one, and three petals out of the next. You should then have something that looks like this…

Step 6. Take some glue, and put it on one petal, then you’ll take the next side and overlap petals to make it stick.

You will glue all the pieces, except for two: the piece with one petal, and the piece with two.

Step 7. Here is where the toothpick comes into play. Take the toothpick and use it to curl the petals after you’ve glued them. You’ll also curl the pieces with just one and two petals, and you should end up with the following pieces…[look at the next photo down….]

Step 8. Now you’ll assemble the rose. The piece with 5 petals will go inside the piece with 6 petals, and so on and so forth. To assemble, put glue on the outside of the smaller piece, and place it inside the rose. Alternate the petals, so your petals aren’t right on top of each other. Once you have all the pieces in the rose, let it dry for a bit before you put the twine in for the stem. For the twine, I cut a piece [this had wire in it as well], then just bent the top over so it wouldn’t slide all the way through, slid it through the center of the rose, and it stayed quite nicely.

Step 9. Once you get the hang of making these, it doesn’t take long. Like, for instance, this bouquet only took me all day. [Just kidding! It probably took me 10 min per flower]. If I would have a paper cutter it would take even less time…

Ta-da!!!!!! PLEASE Let us know if you use this tutorial to make a bouquet for your wedding! We would love to share it here. Also, a special thanks again to the very awesome Susie of Photography by Susie for sharing her paper rose tutorial & images with us!!!



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