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I hope you’re enjoying the long weekend, for those of you that have today off. Despite the crappy weather this weekend here in DC, we still had a lot of quality family time. And Charlie said his first words — “uh oh!” — and now he won’t stop saying it! I don’t know if its because we’re home all the time now, or because Charlie is in the picture (or both), but I got an itch to decorate for Halloween. I’m hoping to do some crafts this afternoon with Charlie, and get into the spirit of Halloween, even if we won’t be trick or treating this year.

Sometime around midnight at the bar Troy worked at.  Kate was out with other people, and Troy was working.  The short of it is that Kate asked for Troy’s number and after leaving the bar, walked back in and yelled “do you have a girlfriend!?”  When Troy responded no, she walked back out.  They went on their first date two days later.

We’ve been together for almost six years at this point, and in that time frame we’ve both started our careers, experienced deep tragedy, had to make some big decisions that would effect us both and potentially change what we had planned for our lives, lived through a home renovation, currently living through the COVID-19 pandemic, and through it all honestly loving each other.  We both love to travel and constantly find ways to open each others eyes to new things and new views.  We’re both water babies and out of that has come some ridiculous sailing adventures and learning to surf.  We also have what some people might call an unhealthy obsession with our dogs.

It was the most stressful day of Kate’s friend Claire’s life.  She told enough lies to send her to hell someday, and because Kate’s friends are chronically late individuals, and Troy was freaking out, he proposed too early for everyone to be there.  It was a surprise, and Troy proposed in the middle of Fells Point, the neighborhood where they met.  It’s unclear whether Kate actually ever said yes, and apparently Troy had a whole speech planned but panicked and just asked.  After, everyone went out to celebrate.  To quote the kids these days, “it was lit.”

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