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Happy Monday Romancers!! What a WEIRD ball of emotions I am today. We CLOSED on a property in Vermont on Friday – the most insane real estate journey and experience of my life. But, it’s done, and now we get to start working on a new chapter of our lives, building a community space for our family, our friends, and the lovely town of Wells, VT. In other news, the dread and anxiety of the Delta virus is really getting into it as I start to wonder if we will actually have in person school this year. I don’t think I can take another year of virtual learning … but at the same time, this latest variant is bad … very bad … and now vaccinated folx can spread it too. Ugh. It’s not good.

But I am trying hard to go back to simplifying, social distancing, masking, and being thankful for what I have right now – which is still a lot. Here’s to love and life and remaining hopeful even when it looks bad.

Bethany and Tyler met at Target, where they both work, while Tyler was giving Bethany a tour before she started her executive internship. They began as really good friends, but once they were forced to be apart, and possibly move to different stores and no longer be in each other’s daily lives, they realized they had much deeper feelings for one another, and like Bethany said, the rest is history.

Tyler joked about proposing for months before he actually did it, and while they were on a weekend trip to Charleston, he pulled a ring pop to propose, but when she turned around, he actually had the beautiful ring for her.


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