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Well our two weeks in Vermont are coming to an end and I didn’t take off nearly enough time. Reallllly going to try and unplug today and tomorrow before the long trip home. At the very least we got to see some SERIOUS Fall foliage and the time with family ALWAYS helps to recharge that part of the pandemic depletion (missing human interaction). For today we have a lovely “not your average” backyard wedding. Happy Thursday Romancers.

Our wedding was nothing short of an adventure. Right off the bat, Danny and I knew we did not want our wedding to be your standard, cookie cutter day. We wanted our day to be a celebration and reflection of us, and more of an epic party for all of our closest friends and family than a stuffy traditional ceremony and reception. 

Having come from an artistic background, and as head designer of my own women’s clothing brand, I knew I wanted to curate and design the aesthetic of everything down to the custom napkins on the table. But we did not just want to make it look pretty- we wanted to make it fun and personal! 

I started by designing a custom wedding print to lace through the entire wedding. It started by not being able to find bridesmaid dresses that were the high end printed look I was going for while also being a reasonable price – SO I decided to design my own! The floral print not only was a fun and bold way to add pattern to the whole wedding but also contained personal elements like our names and date. The print was used for the custom designed floor length tiered gowns for my bridesmaids, in addition to the groomsmen’s ties and pocket squares, the table napkins, and even the wedding invitations! 

For our venue, we were lucky enough to use our close family friend’s gorgeous waterfront estate in our hometown of Annapolis, MD where we both grew up! Not only were we able to be on the water but could create our whole wedding world in a backyard we had spent many of summer nights swimming and drinking wine with family- how special is that!

When it came down to the caterer, we knew we wanted something unexpected, easy, and GOOD – and being total foodies and pizza groupies, there was no other choice then Timber Pizza Co., which also just happens to be owned by our close friend and groomsmen, Chris.

What goes great with pizza and booze – amazing tunes of course! But we didn’t want just any old wedding band – we wanted to JAM – so we convinced local 80s cover band, Weird Science, to come play for us!

Guests were welcomed in for the ceremony with pre-made Moscow mules and draft beer. Yes – we built a draft beer wall out of barn wood for our guests to self pour their own beverages all night – with a hand made light up beer sign, and hand painted handles crafted myself.

The ceremony was quick but oh so personal. We asked family friend and owner of the home to marry us (with his online officiant certificate), and he went beyond what we could have imagined – even incorporating a surprise traditional keltic element that included our parents in the ceremony. After we kissed, Danny and I danced down the aisle to “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, to kick off the party. 

We entertained guests with the digging up of an upside down whiskey bottle Danny and I had buried a YEAR before in a superstitious attempt to ensure good weather (its an old southern tradition). I, of course, buried my favorite bottle of  red wine as well, for good measure.

For the reception, tables were adorned with gorgeous and effortless wildflower arrangements put together by Danny’s sister. Each table setting had our custom printed napkin, and a handwritten note by either Danny or myself, that served as a name tag – which people LOVED! Danny and I sat at a hand painted table I designed to match our color palette. We ended the night with an array of gourmet cakes made by my beautiful mom, and a late night McDonalds buffet! Those who stuck around late witnessed OR partook in the fully dressed pool party initiated by my husband – in his custom tailored suit. 

Overall the wedding was a collaboration of love and labor from some of our favorite people, and it could not have been more perfect. It was so amazing, it inspired me to launch a 2021 wedding collection that gives brides a way to create a high-end, UNIQUE aesthetic from bridesmaids dresses to table settings for their special day without runway prices. My wedding’s outcome was just too special not to share with other brides out there who don’t want the same old traditional thing that everyone does. 

Photographer: Strands of Light | Planner: Pretty Little Details | Venue: Private Residence | Caterer: Timber Pizza Co. | Dress Designer: Smith & Quinn Weddings |


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