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We’ve got a guest blogger on the blog today! Part bride to be, part CapRo client, and 100% a damn good friend of mine, Amy! She’s making some things for her DC wedding this Fall (omg I can’t wait!) and wrote up this DIY tutorial from the DIY Flower Crowns she’s making for her flower girls! Take it away Amy.

DIY Woodland Flower Crown Tutorial | By Amy

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I decided that I wanted to make flower crowns for my flower girls (my muse here), and in keeping with my desire to get things done before wedding crunch time, made them out of fake flowers (so they would last). I also added some gold accents as it goes with the wedding colors.

Materials Needed:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Thick Floral Wire
  • Thin Floral Wire
  • Implements (leaves, flowers, other!)
  • Measuring tape
  • Pliers/Wire Cutter

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Step 1. Measure: Measure the head of the individual who will be wearing the crown. My niece had a 20 inch head circumference, and I added a few inches just to be safe. The crown is adjustable, so it doesn’t need to be exact, but don’t have less than what you need.

Step 2. Cut: Cut the thick floral wire with wire cutters to that measurement and arrange in a circle.

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Step 3. Assemble: Fold the end of the wire into itself to create a loop, and create a hook with the opposite side. If desired, wrap greenery around the thick wire and secure with thin wire. I did this so that you wouldn’t be able to see the thick black wire when it was assembled.

Step 4. Pick a focal point: I centered the crown on the little gold ornament and started assembling it there, securing it with the thin floral wire where necessary.

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Step 5. Add floral elements: I began adding greenery so that it would flare out at various points, using a hot glue gun. You could also do this with the thin floral wire, depending on how thick your floral elements are. For my version, the greenery was very thin so I didn’t want the wire to be as evident. Wrap your flowers/greenery of choice around the thick wire crown and secure it with either a glue gun or thin floral wire. Add as much or as little as desired and troubleshoot! I added all green leaves to get a base, then stuck in fake baby’s breath for an ethereal touch.

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Step 6. Take a step back and find any areas that need more attention, fill in as necessary, and then you’re done! Use the hook and closure at the back to size to what you need, and watch everyone fawn over the crown! And you can fawn over how inexpensive it was! My version cost about $15 total. When I get closer to the wedding day, I may add some real flowers in to give it an extra touch.

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So simple and so affordable! Thanks for sharing Amy.

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