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There have been a few sneak peaks on social media, but I am SUPER PUMPED to be officially announcing today, that I will be helping Cherry Blossom Creative kick off their inaugural “Make It Happen” workshop series for makers, creatives, dreamers, and all small business owners. For those that know me, you know I love to share the things I’ve learned since starting this blog & business in 2011. I never dreamed Capitol Romance would grow to what it is today, and I certainly didn’t do it alone, so any chance I get to talk with and meet other creatives/bloggers/small biz owners in DC (and the surrounding area), I take it!

So let’s get into the workshop details, shall we? It’s going to be laid-back, intimate, and AWESOME. Think less lecture and more discussion, led by yours truly. I’ll have 5 key takeaways for attendees on how to make their blog stand out and will be available to answer ANY of the questions you might have.

So who is this workshop for? Really anyone that has a blog (either as a standalone business or is maybe trying to start one as part of their already established, non-blog business) or is looking to start a blog. I’d love to have bloggers that are brand new (maybe you haven’t even started your blog yet!) or ones that might having been blogging for as long as me (or maybe even longer!). The whole point is the gain insight, share experiences, and help each other make shit happen.

When & where is it all going down? Next Thursday evening, March 10th, from 6pm to 8pm at Cherry Blossom Creative’s HQ in Atlantic Plumbing. Tickets are super limited and just $10 so get yours now! \/

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More from Cherry Blossom Creative’s workshop:

In this collection of workshops, we bring you key insights from the makers themselves. They’ll guide you on how you can take ideas, thoughts, and projects, and not only push past obstacles, but move things towards successful fruition. The district is just brimming with startups, creatives, and entrepreneurs and we simply want to connect you with the most inspiring, accessible leaders! Seats are limited, and our workshops are intentionally small. See you then, and let’s make s%$# happen!


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