With a setting like Glen Echo Park, a few personal touches are all you need. And that’s exactly what this couple delivered. Values-focused (eco-friendly choices! vegan menu!) and playful elements (carousel cocktail hour! glow-in-the-dark dance party!) combined for a truly special day for Jess and Matt. Even their sweet pup gave us a great smile during photo hour!

We love it when weddings take place on Glen Echo’s grassy knoll, where the 150+ year-old Carousel is the backdrop amid the amusement park facades. Benches were pulled over from the nearby Bumper Car Pavilion for casual seating for ceremony guests.

Cocktail Hour at Glen Echo comes with options, including a ride on the carousel! The bright colors of the historic surroundings were reflected in the bride’s bouquet, bursting with color, from Rockingbird Flower.

The bouquet felt extra-special because the couple chose to DIY the rest of the florals – talk about green thumbs! Jess and Matt literally grew all of their centerpieces at home in the months leading up to their wedding, repotting and carefully transporting them to the park. The gorgeous greens were then gifted to guests, as were the adorable seedling escort cards.

The greens amid fairy lights and low candles created a fresh, natural look. For a personal touch, this marathon-running couple gave each table the name of one of their completed races.

At the tables guests were treated to an all-vegan buffet (with a side of pizza, for those non-vegans among us) and an all-vegan dessert display – all I can say is WOW. The talented staff at Corcoran Catering were up for the challenge. Plates were filled and refilled with their yummy creations!

The night ended with a glow-in-the-dark dance party, DJ Maskell bringing the Bumper Car Pavilion to life. Glowing accessories were a great way to reflect the neon signs lighting up the park after dark.

Big thanks to Jess and Matt for inviting us to be part of their fun and foliage-filled day! And a big thanks to our partners:

Venue: Glen Echo Park | Coordinator: Amye with Capitol Romance Weddings | Hair: The Stylist Abroad | Makeup: Blush Away Makeup | Photographer: Devon Rowland Photography | Florals (Arch): She Loves Me | Florals (Bouquets & Bouts): Rockingbird Flower | Caterer: Corcoran Caterers | DJ: Mark Maskell | Shuttle: Haymarket


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