It is late November and our 2023 wedding season has officially concluded, our final CapRo couple tying the knot on 11/11. (Don’t you just love a good number alliteration? Anyone else having a flashback to a certain Something Corporate song, or is that just me and Bree? Anyone?)

I’m a big fan of looking backward in order to move forward. So let’s review what 2023 held for the team at Capitol Romance Weddings, for our amazing clients and alongside talented vendor friends.

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2023 was the first year of the new Capitol Romance team being fully on-boarded and we hit the ground running. Three of us (Amye, Drew and Angie) were brought in as Coordinators in 2022 to handle the post-Covid wedding rush, after some relocations and new jobs among the former CapRo coordinators.

Above you see our top Instagram posts from 2023. A few feature snaps from some of our favorite photographer friends including Devon Rowland, Darcy Troutman and Aimee Custis. You can see more of those wedding features that we blogged about here, here and here.

Below, a few “by the numbers” highlights from the past year:

Alongside your friends and family, we were honored that 20 couples chose us as their Wedding Coordinators this year, allowing us to share in their joy and to guide their celebrations. A HUGE and heartfelt THANK YOU to the 2023 newlyweds!

Some venues we love coming back to time and again. (Here’s looking at you, Eastern Market North Hall, Josephine Butler Parks Center, The Sun Room and St. Francis Hall, among others!) Other venues were brand-new to us this year and so much fun to explore. For instance, HQO, the DC Water Headquarters, provided an epic skyline backdrop. And the Compass Coffee Roastery on Otis Street made for jaw-dropping industrial-elegant space. Blog posts with photos for both of those new venues coming soon!

Whew! The wind was gusty – literally knocking down cocktail tables outside at Eastern Market – but our team had everything in-hand for this triple-header wedding day. The following weekend we also had 3 weddings, two of which were handled by one all-star coordinator Drew. Hope he got a double-shot in his espresso that day! October was definitely our busiest month of the year.

Another time when the “Day-of Coordinator” title fails to capture the full extend of our investment in each wedding you invite us to coordinate. We did the #vendormath and it comes out to about 40 hours of time for each wedding, depending on the complexity and the couple. But we never actually count the hours, instead focusing to ensure ALL of the details have been considered in advance so that we can coordinate your ideal wedding day!

Hooray! This year we saw organic follower growth on Instagram. @capitolromanceweddings posted for the first time just a year and a half ago, in April 2022. Throughout 2023 the account saw 60% growth in follower count and we love how invested and supportive that space has become.

Cheesy but true! We have the BEST job.

So thats a wrap on 2023 with Capitol Romance Weddings! Thank you, wholeheartedly, to each couple that we had the privilege to serve this year. Being witness to your joy, among your friends and family, is not something we take for granted. Wishing you all a great holiday season as newlyweds.

And thank you to all of the talented vendors with whom we work alongside. A wedding is never a one-person job and we rely on each of you to work in your greatness on a wedding day. So many of you make that look easy, though we know it is not. Thank you for bringing your best!

During these slower winter months, the Capitol Romance Weddings team is still actively talking to couples and planning ahead. But it is also a season of celebration. So let us raise a glass together, to all the good things that came our way in 2023. Cheers!

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