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Romancers! Tonight we are Jersey bound for the Thanksgiving holiday. I have THE BEST (and most simple) DIY Holiday Decor tutorial for you though before I go. I’ll also have an awesome “Local DC Small Business Gift Guide” post up on Friday, so come back for that. But please, enjoy a day of R&R, family, & eating wayyyyy too much good food on Thanksgiving. Hope you all have a FANTASTIC one! Take it away Jenn!

Holiday Décor: Decorating with Homemade Orange Slices | by: Ribbons & Bluebirds


The holiday season tends to bring out the traditionalist in all of us, whether you’re following in your family’s time-honoured classics or making new traditions of your own! When it comes to holiday decorating, incorporating dried orange slices is a great old-school method to bring a vibrant note of color to your living space. Bonus, they’re SO easy to make, and inexpensive too! In addition to a recipe for the orange slices, I’ve got some tips on how to use them in simple ways to add some holiday spice to your décor that works from Thanksgiving through New Years!

To make the dried oranges, you’ll need

  • Naval oranges
  • Confectioner’s sugar, optional
  • Wire cooling rack and sheet pan

Preheat your oven to 200°. While it’s warming up, slice your orange(s) into very thin slices, discarding each end. Arrange the slices on the cooling rack – the space between the wires will keep the oranges from sticking. For a little more gloss to your oranges, you may choose to dunk them into confectioner’s sugar, placing them sugar-side-up on the rack.


Place the rack onto a baking sheet, and back/dehydrate the slices for 2-3 hours or until the centers are translucent. Let the slices cool, then they’re ready to use!

dried_orange_slices_decor-5 dried_orange_slices_decor-6

Some ideas using your orange slices to decorate for the holidays:

  • Pair the slices with cinnamon sticks and pine cones for a quick and cheerful vase filler.


  • Make a holiday wreath, or evergreen swag! To wire your orange slices, use a lightweight floral wire and poke through the outer edge of flesh right up against the rind. Slide the slice to the middle of the length of wire, and twist to secure the wire around the rind. Pair the orange slices with gold and brown floral accents like berries, twigs, and pinecones, and be sure to finish it off with a beautiful ribbon bow.

dried_orange_slices_decor-20 dried_orange_slices_decor-21

Need a little more help making the evergreen door hanger above? Check out Jenn’s own DIY Evergreen & Pinecone Holiday Decoration Tutorial on her blog!

  • Decorate your table with orange slices and cinnamon sticks. Drape garland down the center of your table, and arrange orange slices and cinnamon sticks along with other floral accents around the garland.

dried_orange_slices_decor-23 dried_orange_slices_decor-24

They also look great as a garnish for a festive cocktail, cider, or mulled wine, or even as a little zest for a cheese plate!  And for a classic winter wedding, what could be more beautiful than an elegant frosted bouquet with little pops of orange for both colour and texture.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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