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A couple weeks ago I introduced my talk from the DC AWP meetup on 5 Ways to Boost Your Business Using Social Media. I’m back today to expand a bit on Tip #1: Keeping Things Consistent.

One of the easiest things I can tell you to do to bring awareness to your business and brand through social media, is to have ALL your social media platforms use the same, consistent naming convention. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, & Instagram – I am Capitol Romance on ALL of these platforms. This makes it easier for people (prospective clients?) to find you, tag you, and realize what they’re seeing is actually YOU.

consistency cartoon

Image: eVision Media

Now this is a silly cartoon, but there is truth in this picture. Having a consistent brand/message/image of your business on social media is crucial. So how do you do this using social media? It’s pretty easy:

  • You ensure ALL your social media handles are the same
  • You make ALL your social media images the same

And I know if you are late to the social media platform game, changes are someone might have already taken your handle. Some social media strategists would tell you to either buy the handle OR setup new accounts across all platforms that have the same name. I would suggest that you at LEAST have the beginning of the handles all start the same. So maybe if CapitolRomance was not available on instagram, CapitolRomanceDC would be. I think that is a good compromise.

Now WHY should you do this? Simple, it creates a clear, uniform brand across your social media platforms. It let’s people know, when they land on one of your social media platforms, that they are in the right place, at the right brand/business.

my consistency

Though I’ve been fortunate enough to have Capitol Romance across all my social platforms, the issue I have is with the way people spell my business name. Often people spell it with an A and there is a CAPITALROMANCE on Instagram. However, if someone types the incorrect handle in, they rather quickly know they are not at the right place because they don’t see my smiling face, or my hot pink and black wedding photo!

It also makes it easier for other companies to engage with you – if I post a picture from a wedding I have worked and want to tag other companies/vendors in the post, I will most likely only tag vendors that I can easily find. So that is a missed opportunity for you to get some free views from my/someone else’s social media, if your handles differ and can’t be found quickly!

Consistency is an easy and simple way to start making your social media more effective in boosting your business. We’ll be breaking down Tip #2 in the upcoming weeks. So check back.

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