GUYS! We are so freakin’ PUMPED for today’s DIY tutorial/free printable from Ribbons & Bluebirds! We’ve been working with Ribbons & Bluebirds to create something extra special, something I have yet to really see out in the wedding blog scene: LGBT-friendly Wedding Party cards!

I know you’ve all see the millions of “will you be my bridesmaid?” or “will you be my groomsmen” cards online. But what I have yet to see are ones that are more inclusive and LGBT-friendly! How about ones that say “Will you join OUR wedding party” and feature two dashing grooms on the card? Or better yet, what about all of you out there asking men to stand on the bride’s side or ladies to join the groomsmen? Well we have those covered too! We’ve got your “Will you be my groomslady?” and “Will you be my bridesman?” downloads too!

OMG are you as excited about this as I am!? And not only did Ribbons & Bluebirds custom make these designs for you guys, she also wrote up the most awesome DIY tutorial to show you how to make these cards into something super special to send to your soon to be wedding party attendees – including some fancy DIY envelope liner step-by-step directions!

DIY Tutorial: Free, Printable LGBT-Friendly Wedding Party Cards & Step by Step Instructions

wedding party cards_3

These fun cards are a great, modern way to invite your nearest and dearest to be a part of YOUR wedding party!  The downloadable templates prints 2 cards per sheet or 8.5×11” paper, each card 4.25×5.5” with a half fold.

Supplies you will need:

  • Cardstock, 8.5×11 (letter) size sheets
  • Paper trimmer (or utility knife + ruler)
  • Scoring board (or bone folder + ruler)
  • Printer
  • A2 size envelopes (optional)
  • Decorative paper to line envelopes

Step 1. Download one or several of the templates available at Ribbons & Bluebird’s blog. Templates include: “Will you join our wedding party” for a bride + groom, two brides, or two grooms OR “Will you be my”: bridesmaid, groomsman, bridesman, or groomswoman – including a fun set of potential responsibilities for the wedding day.


Step 2. Print your cards!  The templates are laid out on 8.5×11 sheets, ready for your printer.  Make sure you have the print set to Do Not Scale, otherwise your printer may try and reduce the size of the cards (and they will be too small for an envelope.) Because the design goes all the way to the edge of the cards, some printers may not be able to print all the way to the edge, but if you have a “borderless” setting then try it out! (About borderless printing: most printers automatically increase the print size when set to borderless, in an attempt to try and make sure the print really does go all the way to the edge.  You need to remove this setting by setting the enlargement amount to “no enlargement.”)

**To print the inside design**: flip the cardstock over and run it back through your printer to print on the backs.  Not every printer feeds the same, so I can’t give you specifics for the orientation but you may need to print a test sheet to make sure you get the inside message printed on the correct half of the sheet.

will you be my bridesmaid free printable

Step 3. Next, trim the cards.  Each sheet needs one cut, right down the middle.  You can use the edge of the diagonal pattern to line it up perfectly – each piece of paper will then be 5.5 x 8.5”.

DIY free printable be my groomsmen cardfree printable will you be my groomslady bridesman card

Step 4. To score the cards for easy folding, either use a scoring board and score at 4.25” from the short edge (again, right down the middle) OR just use a bone folder and a ruler to score the paper.  Again, you can use the diagonal pattern as a guide.

wedding party cards-diy3

Step 5. Fold along the scored edge, and voila! Enjoy the cards :)

LGBT inclusive free wedding party cards downloadsame sex inclusive be in our wedding party cards

Click inside to find out how to make your free cards EXTRA fancy with a DIY envelope liner tutorial!

DIY envelope liner tutorial

Optional & fancy: line the envelopes with decorative paper.  To line an envelope, use the envelope as a template and lay it on the paper you want to use as the liner.  Trace the envelope shape all the way around.  Next, measure inwards from each side 1/8”, and from the bottom by 1/4″ (or 3/8” if you want more of the glue strip exposed.)  In this case, my envelope is a square flap with a very shallow diagonal, so I needed to offset the diagonal as well as the sides to get the shape to show up properly.

DIY envelope liner tutorial

Cut out the liner using a utility knife and a ruler.  Next, insert the liner inside the envelope (it should fit easily with the offset trims) and push it all the way to the bottom.  Pause to remove the cat from your workstation, although maybe that’s just me.

To glue it in the right place, I like to pre-fold the liner – just close the envelope like you were going to seal it, and crease the liner at the top fold.  Then, open the envelope flap back up and apply glue to the back of the liner, along the top edge.  Fold the envelope flap back down, press to seal the glued area, and then you’re all set.

diy envelope liner tutorial

BOOM! You are done. Get those puppies in the mail and start waiting for those wedding party responses ;) A very special thanks again to Ribbons & Bluebirds for the design, images, and details in today’s post! Don’t forget to contact Jenn if you are interested in customizing this design (color, specific groomsmen/lady, bridesmaid/man count, etc) for your wedding!

free printable modern wedding party invite cardswedding party people


We’d LOVE to know if you printed/used our LGBT-friendly, and inclusive wedding party card printables! Leave us a little note if you did or if you just love them like we do :)

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  1. Hi! I ran across your blog because I’ve been scouring the internet for sources for my bridesmen… I absolutely LOVE your inclusive designs. Unfortunately it seems like the Ribbons site has been taken down and I can’t access the download link :( Do you happen to have it available anywhere else?? I’d really love to use them to ask my bridesmen!

  2. Hi, I would really like to use these designs for my wedding! The links don’t seem to be working. Do you have updated information? I know this is a few years after you posted this DIY. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for checking out our blog! Unfortunately, we do not have updated links. That was a guest post from Ribbons & Bluebirds, who is not longer in operation.

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