Something fun and not entirely wedding related (though the owner DID serve this at his own wedding as a late night snack!) for the afternoon. A fun little giveaway in celebration of next week’s big game (the Superbowl … in case you didn’t get that)! DJ Brad McCormick has launched a separate side biz selling nacho cheese party packs, called Game Time Stadium Nacho Cheese. Now this cheese isn’t just your regular Kraft variety – it’s the kind they actually serve in the stadiums at major sports events made by Gehl’s!

To help get his business started, he has offered to giveaway 2 prizes to 2 lucky winners on the blog! The grand prize is a Grand Prize Gift Kit (include a case of cheese, and the gift pack above [shipped separately]) and a runner up will get a nacho cheese 6 pack! Shipping can be anywhere in the country (and can get there in 3 days) but for anyone local, it would take a day to get to you! Perfect timing for your Superbowl party!


Entering is SUPER easy (as always!) just use our Rafflecopter widget below! Don’t forget to check out Brad’s website, Stadium Nacho Cheese, follow him on Twitter, or check out his Facebook page. And in case you aren’t a football fan, don’t forget that you can always serve this as a late night snack at your wedding :



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Tell us ~ what would YOU do with your Stadium Nacho Cheese?

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