While most of my blogging colleagues and some of the interwebs go black today. I have decided to strum up a simple DIY post for our normal DIY Wednesday blogging schedule.

I do, however, encourage you to educate yourself on SOPA and PIPA and reach out to your representatives in political office if you so feel inclined [especially if you live outside DC and unlike me, actually have a representative to contact! yay DC!].

Anyway! DIY Wednesday today brings a DIY Wedding Favor suggestion: A Wedding Mix Tape!

[photo via Jack & Liz’s Offbeat DIY Washington DC Mixtape Wedding]

A perfectly easy & affordable DIY wedding favor that also includes a ton of personal touches. Each song selected can be from different parts of your life, ceremony, or reception! It would instantly take guests that listen to it, back to your special day!

[photo via Green Wedding Shoes]

Andy & I made one for our own wedding – but we just made it for the wedding party, as one of their gifts. Most of the wedding party has told us they LOVED the gift/CD and they listen to it often!

[photo via The Indigo Bunting]

Need some help finding songs for your wedding favor mixtape? Well then .. I just happen to know the perfect wedding blog for you. It’s called Soundtrack to I Do and it is the ultimate resource in finding music for your wedding.

Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Let us know if you make a wedding mixtape as your wedding favor! We would love to share the cover art, or any of your songs for our Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck posts!




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