After they’ve gotten their wedding pictures back, some couples might find themselves wondering:

I have 500+ pictures of my wedding …. now what?

This afternoon’s DIY Decor idea helps answer that question, or at least gives you some DIY Decor inspiration into what you COULD do with some of your wedding pictures after you get the files from your photographer.

Shauna, of Photography Du Jour, has provided us with some fantastic imagery to showcase your favorite weddings pictures using canvas prints! I wish that I had met Shauna/posted this feature BEFORE ordering my own Canvas Prints from my wedding (we had a heck of a time trying to design the sizes/setup for our bedroom wall) so hopefully it helps some of you!

First, our attempt at being as good at this as Shauna:

Now onto the pro (Special thanks again to Photography Du Jour for the images!). Shauna showcases a few different setups with sizing information on how to best display your wedding canvas pritns around your home!

Click inside to see more setups!!




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