What is time? How is it December? How do we only have one month left in 2021? Time is only getting faster … and I barely can process it all. I am trying my hardest to stay focused on the positives … though with this new variant, that is getting harder :( I have two weddings this month, and I am just trying to get to Christmas (and hopefully some skiing up in Vermont) …. hoping for more good news soon.

Holana Blowhole is an iconic location, used in movies such as 50 First Dates and From Here to Eternity. We thought this would be the perfect beach to showcase our beautiful couple. Not only is this beach situated in an intimate cove surrounded by rocks, but it’s secluded down a small hike. The water gets so blue, it’s unbelievable, and the drive up the coast is mesmerizing.

We knew we wanted to display an elopement that is fitting for the times we are in. There are brides who still want to celebrate in style during their elopement, and a luxury picnic is the perfect half-way point. The couple was able to sit and enjoy their time with the waves crashing just feet away from them. Our florist pulled together some of the most beautiful arrangements filled with greenery. The dress showed a variety of luxury, nodding to the casual nature of a beach wedding with its sheer fabric, while still upholding a fancier styling draped in sparkles.

Having a trash the dress ending to this incredible day just made it so much more memorable. There’s something so magical in letting go of fears and reservations to jump in the ocean fully clothed in wedding attire.


Photographer: Theel Wedding Productions | Venue: Halona Blowhole | Designer & Caterer: Intimate Occasions | Florist: SF.Fleur | Dress Store: Eleanor’s Bridal |

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