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Somehow weeks only seem to be getting busier. I’ve been working most nights, finding little time to stay in touch with the news, and staying up too late. But hey … maybe next week will slow down. At least the snow was a VERY WELCOMED sight (the kids were in HEAVEN). Happy hump day Romancers!

What inspired you to plan this photoshoot? We continue to remind ourselves that no matter what 2020 has thrown at us we are still so blessed. Some of our biggest celebrations took place in 2020 and the ultimate gift was given – marriage. 2020 has brought much pain, heartache and disappointment to so many, and we realized that tomorrow is not promised. As we promised ourselves to each other forever, we also started to talk about how we want to start traditions for us, and for our future family. We want to be able to capture moments in our lives in order to share them later, as a reminder of the good we made of the bad.

How did you take a photoshoot and make it so intimate? We don’t think we were anticipating the shoot to be so intimate, but we got a moment to truly just forget about the world around us, and everything we put in each and every day to work, friends, and co-workers. We were really able to just reflect on our love story. Our story is so unique in the fact that for so long we weren’t able to be 100% unapologetically ourselves and in love. So when we got that moment, and we were in front of a camera with a stranger who knows just a slice of our story and still accepts us, it was powerful.

Are there any pieces of advice you were given about marriage that made you say, “no, we’re doing this our way”? The only advice we truly “received” was from Jasmine’s sister, and that was to not listen to anyone’s advice. That was THE most important words probably spoken to us before marriage. Everyone has their own opinion on how things should be, and be done, and we’ve never been that couple to follow suit.

What are three pieces of advice you would give to newlyweds? 1. Don’t listen to anyone’s advice :); 2. Live your truth; 3. Never stop dating

How do you make time for each other? We try to designate at least ONE day a month to date night and we try to get at least 5 hours of uninterrupted time a week. Something we believe is also important is the willingness to explore the other’s hobbies.

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