Last July, Justin and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Since our first anniversary, we agreed to follow the traditional anniversary gifts, and I always have fun trying to put a unique spin on it. We are both craft beer lovers, so it was no surprise when we gifted each other beer-centric gifts. If beer isn’t your thing, I’ve got a few other ideas below.

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#1: Linen Sheets from Brooklinen

Update your bedding with a new set of super soft linen sheets. This Brooklinen set is a bit of a splurge, but there are also some great options from West Elm.

#2: A fruit tree

Does your partner have a favorite fruit, or a green thumb? Give the gift that keeps on giving – a fruit tree! You can have it shipped straight to your door, or check out a local nursery to see what grows best in your area.

#3: Preserve your wedding flowers with Kmpressed

While its too late to send in your actual bouquet or wedding flowers, just send Karly pictures of your wedding flowers, and she can make some gorgeous keepsakes. She made a few pieces for me, and was even able to press a succulent!

#4: Linen Robe

Who doesn’t love to lounge around every now and then? These robes come in a variety of color combos, and would be perfect for a lazy day snuggled up with your partner.

Got other ideas? What did we miss? Share your gift ideas in the comments.


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