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Thinking of hiring a DJ for your wedding? Besides talking through the music you do/don’t want on your day, there are additional questions you should be asking your DJ before you hire them. DJ G shares his top 4 questions to ask, to help ensure you have a packed dance floor.

And remember – as we always recommend with hiring your wedding vendors -> go. with. your. gut. You need to vibe with your vendors and trust them to execute your vision on your big day! So once you’ve found your DJ match, here’s some questions to ask him/her/they:

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Question #1: Are you insured?

Hiring a DJ with proper liability insurance is important. There are the rare instances of dancers running into speakers, which can wobble and tip over. Should that happen at your party and someone gets hurt, you want to make sure your DJ is covered for any sort of injuries that may happen (aside from sore legs from dancing and sore lungs from yelling lyrics).

Question #2: How do you handle requests?

Receiving requests is part of being a DJ. It’s how the DJ handles requests that distinguishes between just being a good DJ and being the best. DJs should be able to politely receive guest requests, and honor them if the DJ think the request will work well for the dance floor. You should trust that your DJ has the good judgement to play what will work, and avoid what won’t. At the same time, don’t forget that it’s your party, so the music should reflect whatever you want. If there are songs special to you, tell your DJ!

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Question #3: Can you share a sample mix with me?

DJs should all have sample mixes. Mixing songs is what we do and your DJ should be pumped to share their music with you prior to booking. Worried that a DJ isn’t well versed in your preferred genres? Ask them to put together a playlist or sample mix!

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Questions #4: Do you have any references?

Having 5-star online reviews are great, but sometimes talking to a DJ’s past client is even better. Ask your DJ to provide a couple references who can attest to how they rock a party, how they were to work with in the run up to an event, and how the party went generally.

Did we miss anything!? Have other questions we should add to our list? Let us know!


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