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Online invitations from Joy are ideal for saving time and money while being able to quickly and effectively communicate with guests.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, couples are relying on technology now more than ever to plan their big day. Couples are utilizing the internet in new ways as hybrid weddings and online invitation usage soars. After all, communicating with guests is essential as plans can change at a moment’s notice. The benefits of online invitations from Joy are immediate and long term, so let’s look at how this time (and money!) saver can enhance your wedding. 

1. Create a Cohesive Look

Just like you and your spouse-to-be want to present a united front, so should your communications to your guests. Joy has online stationery suites that include invitations, save the dates, and change the dates, which have proven extremely useful during COVID-19. 

Having your pieces coordinate while keeping information at your fingertips—more on that later!—is a lifesaver when you’re in the middle of planning your wedding. Whether your style is minimal and modern, bright and tropical, or classic and monotone, there are hundreds of designs to coordinate with your website. 

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2. Save Money and Paper

For couples who are environmentally conscious, sparing trees and swapping out printed invitations for their online counterparts helps make their wedding more sustainable. Plus, a lack of paper and printing can also mean more buffer room in your budget. 

Joy’s online save the dates, change the dates, and invitations are free. Truly! Send unlimited e-cards and communications to your guests without any cost. It’s a considerable saving compared to the price of printed invitations, where add-ons such as postage, hand lettering, and RSVP cards can double or triple the price. 

Online invitations have proven to be especially helpful for couples who have had to change plans due to the pandemic. Don’t spring for printed invitations a second time. Instead, communicate your new strategies to your guests via Joy’s beautifully curated collection of online invitations. 

3. Communicate Quickly with Guests

Sometimes getting information out there quickly is essential, and snail-mail just won’t cut it. Using online invitations can allow you to communicate revisions and updates to your guests in real-time. Joy’s wedding websites also have announcement banners, which effectively keep new information at the top of everyone’s mind when visiting your site.

You can also send select guests online invitations to wedding-related functions, such as showers and the rehearsal dinner. Reminders and news can be sent out quickly and efficiently to your curated guest lists

4. Collect Online RSVPs

Once you click “send,” it’s quite exciting to see the RSVPs start rolling in via your Joy wedding website. The convenience of having your site collect and keep track of the “yays” and “nays” saves time that can be utilized in other areas of your wedding planning. 

Avoid time spent collecting RSVP cards, and toss out the handwritten list of responses. Joy’s online RSVP system makes it easy to track who has replied and who still needs a gentle nudge. Plus, you don’t have to spend money on RSVP cards and postage, and there is no worry about response cards getting lost in the mail. 

Another benefit to Joy’s online RSVP system is that you can add and update questions if you have a change of plans to your event. Not only can you ask your guests whether they prefer the chicken marsala or vegetarian risotto, but you can ask detailed questions in light of COVID-19. It’s a win-win for everyone!

5. Track the Progress of Your Invitations

The adage of “the check is in the mail” sometimes applies to response cards, too. Quite often, guests forget to send them back if they can’t give a yes or no answer right away. Utilizing Joy’s online invitations alleviates the mental strain of wondering if they received your invitation or why they aren’t responding.

With tracking, you can easily view who has received, opened, and replied to your invitation within your guest list. The system will also let you know if an address was undeliverable. That way, you can change the email and send another online invitation out immediately. 

RSVP answers—such as meal preference or the need for wheelchair seating—are also tracked within the guest list. All of this allows the couple to quickly follow up with non-responding guests and focus on other things. 

Final Thoughts on Online Invitations

Not only can your wedding look more unified by matching your guest communications to your wedding website, but online invitations can make life a whole lot simpler (and who doesn’t need THAT these days?). With tracking, RSVP lists, and quick contact, Joy’s lovely collection of online invitations can significantly enhance the weddings of couples in the Washington, DC, area and beyond. 

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