Its time for some tough love from your wedding besties over here at Capitol Romance Weddings.

Let’s set the scene: You’re planning your wedding, making decisions like a champ, budgeting and plotting and feeling excited. Like most couples we meet, you decide to skip traditional “favors”. Who needs extra swag, anyway? We’re all trying to be environmental, sustainable, minimalish these days. Favors are on the cutting room floor for your classy modern event.

Instead, you ponder, why don’t we let guests take the centerpieces?

And to that we say please please, for the love, NO.

Why? Because we simply cannot tell you how many times we end up at 12:25am squeezing them into the back of your car (if you’re lucky!) and sending the centerpieces home with you (or your mom or your best friend) to figure out. Your centerpieces are so pretty and magical. Yes, you chose the most unique centerpieces that suited your day perfectly. Yes, you invested in amazing floral and it showed. (Or you didn’t, but those Trader Joe’s arrangements are working hard and looking good!)

And to ALL THAT still we say “Please, do not depend on your guests to take the centerpieces home.”

For one, oftentimes family and friends have traveled from afar to celebrate with you. They literally do not have a way to bring that lovely centerpiece through TSA security tomorrow. Or by the time they road trip home your centerpiece will be a wilted, battered version of its once-lovely self.

Second, if you have an afterparty then your local friends aren’t heading home right now. They sure aren’t trying to bring a centerpiece to the bar, no matter how gorgeous the flowers may be.

If you truly want your home to look like a floral shop dedicated to your wedding colors for a few days after your ceremony, by all means. We are happy to load them into a vehicle for you at any hour of your choosing.

Otherwise, please let us help you make a plan for where your centerpieces will go after their moment of glory on your wedding day. And please do not let that plan include assuming guests will be clamoring to take them home. Thank you for coming to our #tedtalk.

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