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Doing everything I can to take it one day at a time. At this point … there really isn’t even a point in making any REAL plans, Andy & I just need to sit down and start mapping out some “if this happens … then we’ll try this …” options. If school goes virtual .. we’ll continue with our nanny (and continue to crush our savings). If school shuts down … we’ll move temporarily to Vermont where at least my parents can help some …. I guess the way I should be looking at it is: my God am I lucky and privileged to even have OPTIONS here.

The same is starting to re-gurgitate for weddings. Should we still be having any indoor events?! Are “requiring proof of vaccination” enough? I will need some N95s to get through this wedding season if my kids aren’t going to be vaccinated until Winter …. aiy yi yi. Deep breathes. Back to focusing on the positive best I can. Here we go…

It was an early spring wedding on May 16th and the color palette was Ivory, Black, and Green! It was very fresh and classic paired with the industrial backdrop and graffiti of The Assembly Room. We wanted classic decor and colors that would be easy to look back on even in the future.

We didn’t do any DIY with all of the other details that needed to be done but we made the ceremony space really simple. 27 Studios setup cathedral lighting over the space and lined the aisle with LED candles. We really love industrial settings which is why we chose the Assembly Room so the softer more romantic elements really softened the brick walls and open space.

We kept the flowers simple with lots of greenery and baby’s breathe! Our bridal party table was my absolute favorite because it was an estate style table with baby’s breath and candles lining the center. So simple. So romantic. My bouquet was a dozen white long stem roses that I’ve since hung up to dry. The bridesmaids all had little green bunches that looked amazing next to their ivory slip dresses.

Our photo booth was a crowd favorite because it was black and white and made all of the photos look classic and blurred all of the sweat lines! :)

The most anticipated moment I think would be our first dance. Eddie doesn’t have much rhythm so we don’t dance together often but I was most excited once we found our song, “What a Difference a Day Makes”, by Dinah Washington! Something we could sway to and classic.  The most special moment ended up being our vows that we recited at our reception vs. the ceremony. It was non-traditional and not planned that way but it’s what most of our guests mentioned afterwards.

My advice for couples that are currently wedding planning, make sure you create a joint account so that there is even responsibility between you both. At the end of the day a wedding is to celebrate your union. There will be a lot of distractions but don’t lose sight of the end goal because the marriage which starts the day after is what’s most important. You want to wake up the next day in a good mood!


Photographer: Memories of Bliss Photography | Planner: Bird of Paradise Events | Venue: The Assembly Room | Caterer: Zeffert & Gold | Florist: Eclectic Blooms | Bakery: Cocoa & Nuts Pastries | DJ: Baseline Productions | Photo Booth: Hot Pink Photo Booth | Lighting: 27 Studios LLC | Invitations: Devine Desings by Diesha |


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