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Confession: I LOVE hot weather. *ducks* I know, I know…maybe it’s because I’m a rare DMV-local, but I am pretty unbothered by DC’s trademark humidity and I definitely don’t abide by the belief that “it’s easier to put clothes on than take them off.” Something about tank top, shorts, sundress with sandals weather just puts me in the best possible mood (and daylight until nearly 9 pm doesn’t hurt either!).

Speaking of mood-lifters, check out this wedding that was decades in the making!

What Love Looks Like

….a lifelong love story of Ebony & Tyrone

Do you know what love looks like? Do you believe in destiny, love and fate?

It is not predictable or ordinary. For Ebony and Tyrone this is truly the case.

Theirs’ is a love that journeys through time and space

Uniting two hearts and bringing them to this place.

Growing up in Baltimore living in different blocks of the same street

playing outside, as kids do, they were bound to meet.

Then ending up in the same class at Waverly Elm School

Where he noticed she was kind and she thought he was cool.

Sweet innocent children who started as mere friends

Not knowing this “puppy love” is setting forevers’ foundation.

Suddenly, as the summers sun sets in 1998,

this, now, teenage couple became the victim of fate

Ebony’s family moved far away.

To the other side of town, one could say.

And as it often happens to young love when separated too long,

the distance and space between grew too wide for them to go on.

So. reluctantly, they both decided to just be friends

and bring the long distance relationship to end.

But not before Ebony, with unknown wisdom, spoke to him

powerful words of the future that were carried by the wind.

“We are destined to be together, she said to Tyrone

But the universe heard her and not just he, alone.

Time flies by, days lead to months, turning into more than 20 years.

Separately, They both lived, had children, and their careers.

But even with success, there was always a missing part;

-a best friend, a love, a longing, a vacant piece of their hearts.

In 2018, on October nine -at last, fate & destiny intertwined.

The stars and planets all realigned and came full circle with the winds of time’

A low gentle breeze whispers in Tyrones’ ear;

delivering a sweet reminder for his heart to hear.

“We are destined to be together” he heard loud and clear

-spoken long ago from his true loves’ heart into the atmosphere.

Tyrone sprung into action; remembering Ebony’s words from 1998

-hoping that now, in 2018, it would not be too late!

He reached out to Ebony and the feeling was the same

Love rekindled, time & distance could not extinguish this flame!

At Last, we come to November 16th Twenty Twenty

We see Tyrone, ring in hand, down on bended knee;

He recounts their meeting & the details of their lives

Asking Ebony for forever gazing into her tear stained eyes

Having the utmost faith in his true loves reply:

His world is now perfect because Ebony says YES!

Now they have planned all the details and ordered the dress!

Im certain by now, you believe in destiny love & fate

Blended in hope and covered by grace

So be there to witness “What love looks like” on October 8th 2021

Their story doesn’t end there, it will have only just begun!

Photography: DeJohn Davis Photography | Planner: Tira Lynn Events | Florals: Davinci Florist | Venue: Delta Hotel Hunt Valley


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