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Almost one year ago my family was getting ready for a massive trip to Disney World. I was so stressed out and anxious about it … and now what I wouldn’t give to be less than 30 days away from a huge family vacation with my whole family. I don’t know if I’ll find the time to write any sort of reflection post, but man it’s been such an insane year, full of so many extreme feelings. Through a LOT of hardships and despair, there was some good, but all and all I think what the pandemic has done, is really laid bare the intrinsic problems America has … and hopefully there’s enough of us still here that want to do the hardwork to fix it.

Part of this “I don’t have time to reflect” mess in my brain is the fate of this company. Do I still keep the blog alive another year? For what purpose? What about the wedding coordination business? So much of CapRo used to fill voids in my life that no longer exist, and I’ve adjusted to the lack of income brought in from the business. I guess that one is for another day, but as long as it’s here (and Kara is still willing to prep it for me and deal with me sucking at publishing a few / getting them posted on social …) here’s some fresh blog content for you:

All the Jimmy buffet music! We had to weave it into our day because that is what brought us together. We also tried bringing in a lot of Disney themed ideas as well. A lot of the decor was based on inspiration I saw on Pinterest. I was able to find a Cinderella carriage centerpiece, and just had to get it.

We wanted the flowers to be kind of simple, especially at the church. Saint Augustine’s is already so beautiful that you don’t need much. I saw photos from another wedding our photographer captured at St. Augustine, and they had just two white flower arrangements on the altar. We liked the look, and wanted something similar. When they dropped the flowers off, I was just amazed! I had described to them what I wanted, but I couldn’t picture it altogether, so when they brought them in, I thought, “Yes, this is exactly what I wanted.”

Our advice to couples that are currently planning is to make sure you voice your opinion, but don’t become a bridezilla! When we were planning, we had a lot of opinions, and we didn’t feel like our voices or opinions were always being heard. Once we put our thoughts into actual words, people understood what we were envisioning. So don’t let family members or bridesmaids or groomsmen try to change what you want.


Photographer: Tyler Rieth Photography | Ceremony Venue: St. Augustine Church | Reception Venue & Caterer: Elkridge Furnace Inn | Florist: Wildflower the Petal Pusher |


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