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A little bit of a late start to this week, but hoping to end strong! I had a bit of work stress keeping me down earlier this week, but after some good discussions, things are looking a little better and I’m at least feeling a little lighter. There’s a lot to love in today’s Maryland wedding feature, the waterside location, the style of the couple’s attire, and the intimate, family-focused nature of the wedding. I will always love intimate weddings, and while other blogs might chose to overlook them in favor of the larger, “detailed” events, I’ll continue to share them because they remind us of the real focus of weddings: love, the couple, & their families.

Jennifer and Jermaine wanted a very simple, small, and intimate gathering of important people who played a special role in their relationship. They planned the wedding together, with Jermaine taking the lead. He and the maid of honor made all of the bouquets and floral arrangements withs flowers from Safeway and Trader Joe’s.

Jennifer walked down the aisle with her mother, and also holding her recently passed father’s photo. To unite the families, they played, “K’em Pas Sote”, a Haitian song important to Jennifer’s heritage.

The minister that presided over the wedding was the 2nd person ever to meet the groom before he and Jennifer started dating. At the time she was a co-worker of the bride.

Two weeks before the ceremony, Jennifer’s seamstress backed out on making her dress, so it was a scramble to find one in time. Luckily she did, and she went for a Motown diva look with hair and makeup.

Jermaine loves the color pink, and went for a pink tux jacket with custom Adidas shoes. The inside of the shoes read: Jen and Jermaine forever.


Venue: Vandiver Inn | Photographer: By Jacqui Photography | Florals: DIY, Safeway & Trader Joe’s | Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal


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