The wedding day high is a real thing – and so is the post-wedding day low. Now because you’re upset you’re married (that’s an AWESOME feeling), it’s because you’re exhausted and realizing you will never get to have that amazing, special, one-of-a-kind day again! So our girl Kelsey is back today to talk about how to survive the morning after your wedding.

You just woke up in a hotel bed as a Mrs. Yeah. That happened. Yesterday. You’re exhausted and still pulling bobby pins out of your hair. Seriously, how many were in there?

My biggest piece of advice for the day after the wedding is to float. That’s right. The stress is over. It doesn’t matter what happens today because you’re married. So whether you have to wake up at 7am for a goodbye brunch or you are getting on a plane to your honeymoon, just float.

For me, I made it clear that the newlyweds would not be attending the day after brunch. And as my mom confirmed, ‘thank goodness’ we didn’t go because it was pretty much a second wedding. Everyone showed up. Except us. We slept in. #Blessed

When we did get up, it was gameface time to give some major hugs to the parents.

It was a really nice way to get back into semi-reality and remember that people don’t always hand you champagne and cake. We got the gossip and did the ‘ok now who was that?’ and the ‘can you believe she dropped it that low on the dancefloor?’. But then it was time to say goodbye.

While some people go off on an exotic vacay, we won’t be jetting off until this Fall; so we went home. That’s right. Our one bedroom apartment where I took off my bra and my groom made pizza bagels.

We opened all of the cards, watched mindless tv, and remembered how happy we were that we took Monday (and Tuesday) off from work. Just to be home. You are going to be so exhausted that you won’t want to do a damn thing. Just embrace that. Lean into it. Float, if you will.

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