Images: Sarah Price Photography

I‘m baaaaaaack. Did you miss me? Are you mostly just sick of my Iceland Instagrams? I am only a little sorry about that – Iceland is just so damn magical. If you haven’t been, GO and be on the lookout for an Iceland review coming to the blog SOON. But in the meantime, we’re getting back to the blogging schedule with this adorable, surprise proposal in Baltimore at a super cool looking bar. Here goes!

Ali and Jeff both attended the University of Delaware.  They were both athletes, sharing many mutual friends but somehow never met one another in college.  After graduating, Ali moved to Wilmington and Jeff to Baltimore. One weekend, Ali and her friends planned a weekend in Baltimore with a mutual friend of Jeff’s. Her friend invited Jeff and his friends to hang out.  While out at the  “Cowboys and Rednecks” bar in Fed Hill, Jeff was finally introduced to Ali.  He said hello, followed by, “Are you engaged?” after spotting a ring on her finger that her sister had given to her.  She said no, and they spent the rest of that night and the whole weekend dancing, laughing, and falling HARD for one another. They both knew they had found their person.

Fast forward one year of long distance and two years of living together to the anniversary of the weekend they met.  Jeff reached out to Ali’s favorite photographer, Sarah Price, to photograph his proposal in the same spot they met (now called Wayward).  He had the bar opened early, so they could be alone, and invited all of their closest friends and family to wait in the back of the restaurant.  When Ali showed up for brunch with her friends, she instead found Jeff waiting to propose, with their song playing throughout the bar.  This time, when Jeff asked if she was engaged, Ali could finally say yes!

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