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We’re bringing the beautiful today with a multicultural wedding that blends Hindi, Sri Lankan, and Westernized wedding details to result in one, gorgeous, affair. The couple kept some influences of their heritage, but wanted more “them” in the wedding day, so the combined a whole bunch of threads to make one, personalized, dream wedding day. Take it away guys!

Trying to balance a hindi/sri lankan/westernized wedding is as hard as it sounds! In my case it was so true that it was both families wedding to the fullest! We had some kinks along the way and even the day of but looking back at the day and what took place to lead it up to it, I wouldn’t change a thing. My husband and I did not want a typical Indian/Sri Lankan wedding, we wanted more of..US in there than our culture. We were able to combine a lot of culture and who we are to create our dream day!

Heena Shah is a henna artist from Virgina who did a beautiful job for my bridal henna. She uses all organic henna and has a million designs to show case. The amazing thing about her is that no design is the same. She creates a brand new design for you and only you and personalizes it for you and your husband. The tradition is, the night of your wedding, he must search in the design for the personalization before he gets the prize. (you)!

Vasrsha Aghera provided us with the mandap and tools needed for the ceremony. It was the easiest part of my wedding- she took care of the setup and break down. I did not realize her people came or went. She too had plenty of choices of set ups to choose from and was very easy to speak with.

I immediately wanted something very simple and classic with pops of color for my wedding. I decided to go with ivory and gold with reds thrown in- they are my favorite colors! I chose Meadowlark as my venue because it looked like a fairy tale garden: flowers, a stream, and trees filled with fairy lights that twinkled in the evening. The indoor garden was perfect for the simple and classic wedding I was looking for and it helped that the colors I chose did not take away from the beauty of the garden.

I love soft lighting and twinkle lights, so I chose to have gold lanterns filled with fairy lights as my center pieces. I did not want to take away from the beauty of my venue, I wanted to flow effortlessly with it. With the softly lit lanterns, twinkle lights in the indoor trees, flowers everywhere, it was the perfect scene.

Choosing a guest book was hard for me- I did not want to do a traditional book and wanted something I would see forever. As I searched through Etsy for ideas, I came across MissBerryDesigns. This Etsy shop was able to create a canvas of the groom, bride and our baby aka our dog. They were so sweet and ensured that  I was happy with the final product. I am so happy with them, this canvas is now hanging in my living room as a forever reminder of my favorite day so far!

Choosing a cake for the wedding was the hardest part!We love dessert and wanted our guests to enjoy whatever we chose! There were so many cake tastings and so many options!  We chose to have Ampohora’s Bakery to create our dream cake, they were so friendly and patient while we debated flavors, colors, and sizes!  In the end they helped created the most beautiful cake I could have ever wanted!

Lost Sound Entertainments was amazing!!!!! Dj Kaser was always available with any questions I had and he was able to give me feedback on the music I chose. The reception and food make a wedding and I couldn’t have asked for a better DJ.

Cynthia Shipp was the best photographer that I could have ever found and I feel lucky to have found her! As most brides do I searched high and low for the perfect photographer to capture this amazing day! She was able to capture my fairy tale wedding with my prince charming and all the details I was too nervous to remember!


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