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Well we survived Thanksgiving. Even though last week started with Evie & I both getting the stomach bug (and delaying our travels to NJ), we had a really nice time visiting with family & friends for the Turkey Day holiday. Minus the fact that we then gave most of our family the stomach bug, we ate lots of great food, kept the political discussions to a minimum (well at least the overly contentious ones) and now we focus on Christmas (gahhh stressing commence). Thanks to EVERYONE that shopped small in the CapRoShop this past Saturday as well!

For today we have THE MOST RAD engagement pictures from The Girl Tyler. This couple is adorable and so freakin’ stylish! Tyler captured these two, their love, and their AMAZING smiles in the Neon Arts District in Norfolk (I want to go to there!). Happy Monday All!

alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-1 alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-10

We were introduced via well-known matchmakers of “Travel”and “the Fast and the Furious franchise.” When we first met in May 2011, Charlie was visiting from New York to see a mutual friend in DC. Charlie came down specifically to watch the new “Fast 5,” so we really owe much of our relationship to Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. The night before the premiere, I met up with Charlie and his friend for some Karaoke. The first time I saw him, I couldn’t help myself. I got the giggles the moment I was next to him. That night, Charlie and I sang (and sang) and danced, and really connected. I was drawn to his sense of humor, and great singing voice. From there, we started the whole long distance thing, which involved lots of cheap bus travel back and forth between DC and NY. Soon after, Charlie moved down to DC, and we’ve been traveling, singing, and laughing ever since.

alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-4 alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-2 alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-6

Our proposal story is quite typical. Charlie told me he was taking me on a surprise trip. He didn’t tell me until about a week before we were set to take off that we were going to Miami Honestly, I forced him to tell me where we were going so I’d know what to pack. On the way there he was oddly nervous and anxious. It was strange because we both love to travel and I thought he was just stressed out from work. After a harrowing ride to our hotel from the Miami airport, I started getting settled in the hotel room. I was putting away some luggage and had my back turned to him when he asked me to turn around. He was on one knee, holding the perfect ring and proposing. I was shocked! I didn’t expect it to happen at that moment and didn’t say anything. I don’t even think I said yes… but I grabbed and kissed him and from that day on, we were going to spend forever together. The next day we went snorkeling in Key West and it was awesome. We’ve been married a little more than a year, and it’s still awesome.

alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-8 alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-9 alternative-rad-hipster-engagement-pictures-norfolk-virginia-5

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