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Maggie & I had so much fun at our SOLD OUT wedding hacks workshop this weekend we totally forgot to take pictures. No joke. Not a single one! I didn’t even know where my phone was, we were having too much fun! But attendees got to make super simple (& fun!) DIY Confetti Cannons that they took home as a party gift. So we thought it might be fun to share the DIY tutorial (thanks to Kara, who made these for her own wedding!).

Take it away Kara.

How To Make DIY Confetti Cannons | By Kara Britanik

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Shortly after getting engaged, I stumbled across a video online of DIY confetti cannons that were made for a New Year ’s Eve party. I loved the idea, and immediately wanted to incorporate them into my wedding day somehow, and decided to have our guests shoot them off at the end of the ceremony, as we walked down the aisle as husband and wife. They couldn’t be easier to make…just ask your friends and family to collect their toilet paper and paper towel rolls for you so you have enough.


  • Paper towel and/or toilet paper rolls
  • Balloons (9inch balloons work best – like these)
  • Duct tape (they make duct tape in a variety of colors and patterns now, so you should be able to find some that matches your color scheme – Amazon has a bunch available!)
  • Exacto knife
  • Washi tape – totally optional, but I used some to spruce up my confetti cannons and add some pizzazz, all the colors available here too

Confetti Cannons 01

Step 1. Start by cutting your paper towel/toilet paper rolls down to size. If you’re using toilet paper rolls, I suggest cutting them in half, and if you’re using paper towel rolls you can cut them in quarters. You’ll want your roll to be about as tall as your duct tape is wide, so you can use that as a guide.

Confetti Cannons 02 Confetti Cannons 03 Confetti Cannons 04

Step 2. Tie a knot in the bottom of your balloon, and then snip off the top.

Confetti Cannons 05

Step 3. Stretch the top of the balloon over one end of your roll. Put the balloon over the cut end of your roll. This way, if you accidentally don’t cut it straight, no one will know ;)

Confetti Cannons 06 Confetti Cannons 07

Step 4. Cover your roll with duct tape to secure the balloon in place. The easiest way to do this is to line up the top of your roll along one edge of the duct tape, and just wrap it around your roll. At this point, you can also spruce up your cannons with some washi tape if you like.

Confetti Cannons 08 Confetti Cannons 09

Step 5. Now just fill your cannon with confetti and you’re set to go! To use the cannon, just pull down on the knotted end of your balloon, aim, and let go!

Confetti Cannons 10

Note: For confetti, I had a lot of random scrapbooking paper laying around, so I just cut those up into small pieces, and made my own confetti. But you can certainly just buy bags of confetti to fill your cannons.

04 - Ceremony-0658


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