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Happy Friday Romancers! We’re getting you to the weekend with a little vendor spotlight on a pretty cool company founded by two brothers that saw a need in the wedding market space to create non-tacky, personalized, and cool gifts for groomsmen. And so Groovy Groomsmen was born. I thought it might be cool to share more of an interview of the founders of the website, vice just pictures and descriptions for this spotlight. So the post will have some examples of their gifts (like the ones you see above) mixed in with some cool insight into why they started the company and how they source their products.

Take it away guys!

Groomsmen Gift Ideas with Groovygroomsmen.com


Why did you start the company?

We generally started the company for a few reasons.  First off, Chris had already started an online business within the wedding space that has done really well, so we had a strong foundation and runway for understanding the overall wedding space.  With that, we reflected on some of the really tacky gifts we gave our groomsmen.  For instance, Mike gave one of his guys a personalized steak brander as a groomsmen gift.  While that sounds fun in theory, it tends not to be all that functional and usually ends up in a box somewhere, very quickly.  We then saw a market to help guys out, a place in the whole process that is fully devoted to the groom. One comprehensive place where they can feel good about seeing everything they need to make a really great groomsmen gift choice for their guys.

We’re also guys, and guys like tangible items.  We have a great time getting out there and scouring for the next cool groomsmen gift ideas. The reality is that often enough, the groomsmen gift part of the process usually comes on the back end of planning, when most are hung over on wedding details.


We are very selective in ensuring that whatever groomsmen gift we bring aboard is vetted and adds value to what we offer.  That means quality products, well made, unique and with personality.  We also realize the importance of personalization, given the intent is to make your groomsmen feel special.  Guys love personalized stuff and 95% of what we offer is personalized.  Our thought process is that the gift giving ritual is one that should be personal and every gift gives some sense that the groom really went out of his way to personalize that token of appreciation.

Oh, and we are really competitive on pricing.  We do our best to make sure we are putting out as fair a tag as possible given we realize the groomsmen gifts can be pretty expensive to grooms who may be on a budget.


Are your gifts unique?

Well, this is where we really pride ourselves.  Part of our personal Groovy mission statement is to always be looking for that next cool and unique groomsmen gift that we can add to our cache’.  We do a lot of research in continuously refreshing our selections and sourcing groomsmen gifts that ensure our gallery is comprehensive.  We love seeing how that groomsmen gift can add some personality to our assortment and offer some level of uniqueness to accommodate a groom that is really looking to personalize the groomsmen gifts for his party.  When we introduce a new gift to our site, it really feels like we’re scoring a cool new find to the Groovy collection.


Can you put on initials or names or things onto the gifts?

Yes, just about every product on our website can be personalized with either your groomsmen names, initials, or whatever you want.  Some of our customers get really creative with nicknames and/or quotes for the personalization.  We also offer groomsmen gifts like the Group Caricature, Bobble Head Dolls, and the Mug on the Mug that take personalization to the next level because they are completely customized to each person.

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