We’re back today with the next tip in our “5 Tips to Boost Your Business Using Social Media” series. Last time we talked more about Tip#1: Keeping Things Consistent, and today we will talk about the importance of using Visuals & Graphics in your social media.

Most of you probably know at this point that we live in a VISUAL world. Images and videos are the content that consumers digest and that they digest it faster and with more memory than text. Here’s an awesome visual to break that down for you further:


If you want your brand or business to have an impact and be remembered on social media, then you need to be using (good) graphics & visuals on your different social media accounts.

Lots of time people tell me, “I don’t have time for social media” and that’s fair. Social media does take time, but if you can use it more effectively, in a shorter amount of time then it’s not a waste. You ARE, however, wasting your time posting things on social media that no one is reading. When I look at my posts on Facebook and Instagram, the ones that include engaging visuals or video always have a higher reach than blocks of text.

So keep this simple tip in mind when you look to post your next article or anything on your social media platforms. Consider using a video or a visual to get your message across in a more impressionable fashion AND have your followers actually remember what you posted!

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