I get all sorts of emails from readers (which I LOVE) and I love trying to answer the questions they pose in any way I can. However, a recent email stumped me and I suggested that I blog about her issue to see if any of my super awesome & crafty readers might have a solution. Robin writes:

Hi! I love your blog (I remember your booth at the LGBT wedding expo earlier this year — so great that you were there!) and when I came across this particular dilemma I wondered if you might have a suggestion — perhaps even one that could make a future DIY tutorial?

I have a DIY accessory dilemma. I’d like to use my mother’s wedding pearls in a hairpiece or other accessory for my own big day. Obviously I need to keep them intact — no glue, etc. I thought I might attach individual pearls to bobby pins with jewelry wire. However, my mother presented me with the necklace and I realized there was a problem: The pearls were stuck together by a jeweler many years ago to keep them from sliding loose around the chain. Now I’m not sure if I can use them for my wedding. I don’t want to wear them as a necklace. Any ideas?

Here are the images of the necklace, including a close-up so you can see where the pearls are stuck together:

pearls-closeup pearls

So what do you think Romancers?!!? Any idea for helping Robin out with turning this beautiful necklace into a hairpiece? Leave comments below with your ideas and then hopefully we can make it into a DIY Tutorial to share on the blog!

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  1. Why not a bracelet of sorts? I’ve seen people just double up necklaces and wear them loose around their wrists. If she has a pocket somewhere, they could dangle a la pocketwatch.

  2. what about sewing it to whatever you are going to wear it on?… if its a headband, maybe using a light pink/ivory thread to attach the last few pearls (between each pearl) on each side to a band that you would then tie together… and then you can just cut the thread afterwards to remove the pearl necklace.

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