In my imagination I’ve just won an award. An award for the most amazing DC wedding blog re-design and I am really at a loss of words at this point.

Ok, just kidding – when am I ever at a loss of words?

But seriously, the plans to re-design Capitol Romance started back in MARCH. 6 months ago! That is insane, and really, honestly & truly, I could not have accomplished this without some seriously awesome people. They deserve the thanks and all the compliments in the world, so much more than me. So here goes:

First, to Stacy Kleber Design for signing up to work with me back in March. She took a chance on me and all my crazy ramblings of attempting to tell her what I wanted for a new blog template … right down to this morning (where I am still currently emailing her crazy things).

Second, to Ryan Jensen, Stacy’s husband, and the master-coder behind the blog re-design. Thank you for taking my crazy ideas (I want a slider… but this template doesn’t have a slider in it … wellll can’t you just put it in there?) and making them into a reality.

Third, to Al with nDeviX for creating a completely custom ad platform for me. I have always been terrified by taking sponsors on the blog, but thanks to you and your amazing IT skills, advertising is not all that scary any more. The platform is better than I could have ever imagined.

Fourth, to my bestest friend Steve (check out his awesome site), who let’s be honest, this blog would not at all be possible without. Steve has been there with me since day one, coaching me, solving all my IT problems, hosting my website, and giving me design advice throughout the entire re-design. There is no Capitol Romance without Steve and no amount of thanks or words here could EVER re-pay what he has done (and continues to do for me).

Fifth, to my husband for letting me do this crazy thing called Capitol Romance. Running a blog and a wedding coordination business on top of a day-job is not always easy, but Andy is so insanely supportive and helpful with everything, I couldn’t do it without him.

Sixth, to all the vendors that submit content, features, and guest posts. There really is no wedding blog without your submitted content, so keep those rockin’ DC wedding features coming!

and finally, and probably most importantly, to YOU, my readers who really keep this blog (and me!) going. Your views, clicks, comments, searches, and even emails keep me going. You are the lifeblog of this wedding blog, and it really would be nothing without you guys. So thank you for sticking with me for 2+ years (even if you’ve gotten married already but still read!). I can’t wait to continue this journey with you all.






  1. Oh yeah oh fricken yeah…what creativity, what collaboration, what fun! Don’t forget to hire the old man when he is done with IT sales!

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