Let’s Get Personal: An Ode to My Husband

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  • April 06, 2012

So, I’ve been flirting with the idea for a while now … to start including some more ‘personal’ posts on my blog. I still want to be a creative & offbeat resource for weddings in the Washington, DC area, but I also want to share some of the awesome things that come with being married [because isn’t that the point of getting married anyway!?].

If you follow me on Twitter [moreso than Facebook] than you’ve already gotten a glimpse at the things that make my life churn, namely: the H St. Area/Trinidad Neighborhood, Penn State Football, the NY Giants, sharing other wedding vendors’ giveaways, posts, & inspiration, my mini dachshund Sadie … and my husband.

Which leads me into my first “Let’s Get Personal” [which I of course, in my head, am singing to the music of “Let’s Get Physical“] post. I’ll try and keep these to once a week, or every other week, and see how it goes from there. I’d appreciate any feedback! So here it goes…

I love my husband. He is awesome. He came with me this past weekend to Borrowed Event. But, not only did he come with me, he hung my banner, strung the heart garland, helped another vendor with hanging something in her booth, AND actually manned my booth for an hour while I went to talk with the ladies of Bayside Bride & United With Love.

Here is Andy manning my booth:

[photo by ReadyLuck]

And prior to the show, he helped me cut out over 200 felt hearts by hand, helped me set up my booth more than once, and packed up [and unpacked] the car for the show :) So yeah – he is kind of awesome. I couldn’t do both a full-time day job and Capitol Romance without his support and find it pretty sweet that he is willing to attend a wedding show and talk about ‘his wife’s wedding blog’.

I think one of the things society tends to disregard with regards to a successful marriage, is how important it is to be “partners” in things. To help and support each other in your endeavors, even if it’s something that you might not want to do. Aka, driving to the airport late in the night to pick up Andy from his business trips, or watching your wife make a fool of herself dancing at a bar, but standing by supportive anyway.

[yes, that is some fist pumping that you see there]

I love my husband for so many reasons ~ and though it might sound mushy, he really is someone that I consider to be one of my best friends. No one else can understand or finish movie/TV quotes I reference like he can. No one else has the patience he has [and trust me, living with me – you’d need it :)] and no one else quite compliments my odd, erratic, and rather strong personality.

Sometimes I think it’s the fact that we have grown up together [cue “awwws”], as yes we are high-school sweethearts. Don’t believe me … well lucky for you, I uploaded one of our Prom pics for your viewing pleasure:

Just look at that chin strap! [ps-he is going to kill me for sharing this picture].

In summation, I have considered myself to be extremely lucky to have found a partner that is so loving, selfless, caring, and totally boss. He is the cheese to my macaroni [yes, that last part is from Juno].

I hope everyone in this world gets to find a partner that is their perfect compliment ~ life really is much more enthralling when you have someone with you along for the ride.


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