Are you looking to submit a shoot, idea, or feature to Capitol Romance?

Well then you’ve come to the right place! Please take a moment to review our submission policy [and our terms of use!] prior to submitting your feature to Capitol Romance.

Generally speaking:

Capitol Romance strives to bring it’s readers fresh content on a daily basis. Our mission is to help Washington, DC metro area couples & vendors by providing them with offbeat, non-traditional, and DIY wedding inspiration and resources through features [engagements, styled shoots & weddings], guest posts, DIY tutorials, advice pieces, and inspiration features. Capitol Romance also wishes to remain a safe, open, and inviting place for couples of all ages, races, and sexual preferences. Therefore we do require ALL vendors that submit content to be LGBT-friendly!

Submitted content:

Focus: Please ensure your submitted content is unique, offbeat, non-traditional, small-budget, handmade, or DIY-focused. Capitol Romance accepts all races, religions, beliefs, customs, and sexual orientations [in fact we not only accept it – we LOVE it, we want to feature ALL kinds of couples & weddings].

Sizing: Submitted photos MUST be re-sized at 900 pixels in width, prior to submission.

Image Count: Please submit 30-50 images for wedding submissions [varying in details, locations, etc],  & please submit 20-30 images for engagement submissions.  For guest posts or DIY-posts, please work with the editor for image count specifications.

Regional Requirements:

All real weddings & engagements must take place in the Washington, DC area [Richmond, VA north to Baltimore, MD]. Styled shoots and DIY features can be from any location as long as they inspire based upon our focus above!

There are 2 ways to submit to Capitol Romance:

#1: Two Bright Lights

Two Bright Lights is a simple & easy web-based platform for submitting content to our site. This method works best for real weddings, engagement features, or any other picture-heavy submissions!

#2 Email

If you wish to submit a feature via email, please send us a zip folder of no more than 10 images from the feature or a link to where we can find images from the feature. Once accepted, the following must be included in the final submission in order to be accepted for publication.

Submissions must include the following details from the couple being featured:

1. Engagement Submissions:

  • Short “how we met”
  • Proposal story write-up

2. Real Wedding Submissions:

  • Details on wedding elements to include a focus on WHY the couple chose the certain colors, venue, details they did
  • Any friend/family involvement in the wedding or ceremony
  • Any offbeat or nontraditional details
  • Any DIY or handmade details

3. Anniversary Shoot Submissions:

  • The best thing about being married:
  • The hardest thing to learn after getting married:
  • Any advice to couples that are getting married:
  • Our biggest regret from our wedding day:
  • If we got married all over, we would have done ____ differently:

4. Styled Shoots:

  • Complete list of vendors
  • Any DIY or budget-friendly details
  • [For DC area vendors only] Price points of what styled items would potentially cost for a real wedding

5. DIY Submissions:

  • Inspiration features
  • Tutorials with step by step instructions and pictures

Response Time:

Capitol Romance works hard to respond to each submission in less than one week, and no more than two. If you do not hear from us in over two weeks, please feel free to remind us. If you wish to withdrawal your submission and re-submit to another blog, please let us know.


Capitol Romance does not hold exclusivity rights on any features. Please visit our terms of use if you wish to learn more about exclusivity rights on Capitol Romance – or contact us if you have additional questions.